AEC speaks out against social decadence

Pastor Alfred Horsford – we are praying for the peace of our nation

A local Church Organization has some major concerns about a number of social issues that are affecting the country.

The Alliance of Evangelical Churches (AEC) believes that the social decadence in the country needs to be addressed urgently.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the AEC, Pastor Alfred Horsford told members of the media, the Churches are concerned about the issues that are based “in our culture.”

One of the main concerns of the Churches is the current political climate within the Governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Pastor Horsford said the AEC is praying for the political leaders of the country.
“We are praying for the peace of our city, the peace of our nation,” he said.

The AEC PRO said they believe the Church should take the lead in terms of promoting peace and oneness in the society.

Gambling is another concern of the AEC.

Pastor Horsford said gambling does not express the biblical understanding of the use of money.

“Gambling does not really promote the well being of the culture, neither does it promote financial accountability and responsibility. In reality, what we have from God should be invested in a way that provides meaningful returns. We don’t see gambling as doing that,” he said.

Recently there was a waging debate in the country with regards to the government’s promise to grant a gambling license as part of the Renaissance Project.

Pastor Horsford said gambling does not reflect living by faith:
“The Bible says the just shall live by faith rather than living by chance. To live by chance is a very, very tenuous situation, but by faith we can depend upon God providing for us,” he said.

With the Carnival-related activities taking place Pastor Horsford shared the Churches’ perspective on jab jab.

He said that particular aspect of the mas that is most seen on jouvert morning is reflective of the devil.

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