Roger Lewis charged with fraud

Owner of the Sea Port Restaurant and Bar that is located on the Kirani James Boulevard in the Lagoon area of St. George’s, Roger Lewis is facing a charge of fraud in connection with an alleged will left behind by his father, the late Allan Lewis.

Businessman Roger Lewis – to face the court on fraud charges

Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill committed Lewis to stand trial in the Criminal Assizes of the High Court after she determined that there was sufficient evidence for him to face trial before a judge and jury in a fraud charge brought against him by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Lewis is accused of defrauding his siblings in connection with the Estate left behind following the death in 2009 of Lewis, a popular businessman who was associated with a mechanical garage and radiator business.

Speculation is rife that Roger Lewis might have inherited most of the multi-million dollar estate left behind by the father.

One of the siblings, Keith Julien who spoke to THE NEW TODAY Newspaper about the matter said immediately following the father’s death and burial, he was instructed by the other members of the family to enquire from their brother, Roger, who had lived in the house with their father if he had left a will.

Julien said although Roger spoke of Lewis having left a will he failed to present it to them.
As a result they made a search at the Supreme Court Registry on three occasions without any success in finding it.

Julien said the service of a prominent female attorney in St. George’s was obtained to assist them in locating the will that Roger said was left by Lewis.
After making a check at the registry for the fourth time, the attorney finally laid her hand on a will.

Julien said when the attorney read the will to them, they suspected that it might have been forged when the names of the two witnesses were referred to them.

One of the witnesses served their father as his gardener on a parcel of land in Westerhall, St. David’s, while the other witness, as a seaman, used to sell seafood to Roger for his restaurant business.

According to Julien, neither of the two witnesses knew each other until they came to court to give evidence during the preliminary inquiry into the charge brought against their brother.

Julien said without any malice on the part of the siblings, the matter was taken to the FIU for investigation. Julien stated that the children of the deceased were only trying to satisfy themselves that their father had left behind a will and were seeking to ensure that his wishes were carried out.

He spoke of ten brothers having received $15,000.00 each from Roger on the death of their father.
“I would not have mind if dad said give me ten cents or nothing, I would have felt better,” he said.

The fraud-related charge against Roger Lewis is expected to be among the list of cases down for hearing in the October Criminal Assizes, which begins on October 9.

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