Hope Men Charged with Murder

Murder charges have been laid on two men from Hope, St. Andrew’s – Alvin Jackson and Bevin Ettienne – in connection with the death of an elderly citizen of Soubise.

Dead is Desmond Joseph, 78 years, who was discovered lifeless by his caregiver on July 4.

Desmond Joseph – was found dead by his care-giver

Jackson, a 33-year old shopkeeper, and Ettienne, a 28-year old farmer appeared at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Monday and were remanded in custody by Magistrate Henry Paryag to reappear in court on July 30.

A police spokesman told THE NEW TODAY that the deceased was apparently killed by the suspects as they broke into the house to stage a robbery.
This newspaper understands that the Caregiver whose name has been given as Allina Modeste went to visit the elderly man and met him lying on his back on his bed.

Modeste routinely visits Joseph to assist him with his needs given his age.

A source familiar with the investigation said that when the Caregiver arrived at the house and called for Joseph, she got no response from the elderly man, made her way into the bedroom, by passing through through the kitchen that was unlocked.

She found the elderly citizen lying on the bed and he appeared to be dead. The house was also ransacked.

Alvin Jackson – charged with the murder of an elderly citizen

A post mortem conducted on Joseph’s body concluded that he died as a result of suffocation, and that he had sustained four broken ribs.

After intense investigations by homicide police officers attached to the Grenville Police Station, two men were detained for questioning.

Jackson and Ettienne are also charged with two counts of housebreaking and stealing in two other unrelated incidents.

Both men are accused of stealing from a 71-year old man of Hope City, St. Andrew’s on two different occasions.

On the first occasion on June 16, they made off with articles valued at $2,220.00, and three days after they allegedly killed Joseph, they removed another set of articles from the same house at Hope City valued at $2,990.00.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Police have been forced to intensify patrols in Hope and other neighbouring areas within recent days due to a rise in housebreaking incidents by criminal elements.

Police have not been ale to link the arrest of both Jackson and Ettienne with the removal of anything of substance from Joseph’s house.

The death of the elderly man came less than one week

Bevin Ettienne – charged with the murder of an elderly citizen

following the murder of 18-year old Samuel Gabriel of Belmont, St. George’s,

Grenada has now recorded seven murders for the year.

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