Harps going after fourteenth title

Republic Bank Angel Harps – going after another Panorama Title

Republic Bank Angel Harps is getting ready to defend its Panorama Title, with the hope of being crowned Panorama Champions for the fourteenth time.

Angel Harps won the title in 1970, 1973, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1998, 2005, 2008, and 2011.

The steel orchestra’s Drill Master, Andy Chichester told The New Today Newspaper that preparation is going fine to defend the title it won last year with the song, “Pan In U Face”.
The band, located on the Port Highway, is in full flight of practice on a daily basis.

“We are well on stream and we are prepared, we are very much prepared to defend both titles,” Chichester said.

The Junior Harpers would be playing a song by Calypsonian Japs called “Outlaws” during the Children’s Carnival Frolic on August 4.

However, the senior band would be playing a James Clarkson composition, “Carenage On Fire.” Chichester said that song was composed in recognition of a number of achievements of pan, soca and mas coming from the Carenage.

He recalled that both the Junior and Senior Harpers won their respective competitions last year. The pan man also spoke of soca artiste Lavaman who resides on the Carenage having won the Road March.

He also looked at the Carenage producing two mas bands – Andre Garvey and Associates and RKD and Associates which he said are all one family on the Carenage.

RKD and Associates won both the Queen and King of the Band Titles at the Dimanche Gras competition last year, while Andre Garvey and Associates took the second place in the King of the Band category, and third place in the Queen of the Band competition.

“The fire is there, the Carenage has that,” Chichester quipped.

He said normally on Carnival Monday and Tuesday “the Carenage is literally on fire.”
“The centre of Carnival is always St. George’s and that being the case, the Carenage is the place to be,” he added.

Chichester noted that as a community, they are wholesome, and that is what the concept of the song is all about.

Just last week Republic Bank Angel Harps retained the second position in the Bomb Tune Competition as a lead up to the Panorama Championship on August 11.

Seven steel bands would be challenging the Republic Bank Angel Harps for the title of Panorama champs.

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