Hannibal pleads guilty

A local high court judge will deliver in October the sentence to be imposed on draftsman Crofton Hannibal on the charge of shooting Grenadian Michael Antoine who currently resides in Canada.

Crofton Hannibal – to be sentenced during the next sitting of the assizes

Hannibal on Tuesday pleaded guilty to an amended charge of causing dangerous harm and not guilty to attempted murder of Antoine on January 25, 2008.

Crown Counsel Howard Pinnock accepted the guilty plea and opted not to offer any evidence on the charge of attempted murder.

The judge indicated that the sentencing will be done sometime during the October Assizes, which commences on October 9.

Pinnock who requested that the matter be traversed for the sentencing phase of the trial informed the court that was presided over by Madam Justice Clare Henry that Antoine is currently out of State.

Justice Henry remanded Hannibal to Her Majesty’s prison at Richmond Hill, and ordered a social inquiry report be done in time for the sentencing.

Hannibal had left the country on February 23, 2010 without the court’s permission.
He was apprehended in Botswana in South Africa and brought back to Grenada on March 28.

It is believed that the local draftsman had landed a lucrative contract in the African State and had been able to purchase property including land and a vehicle before he was apprehended and sent back to his homeland.

When Hannibal had skipped the country, he was on $15,000.00 bail in connection with the shooting incident.

The bail was revoked on May 11, 2010 and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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