Darren Maitland slapped with five charges

After causing mayhem in the villages of New Hampshire and Willis, St. George’s one month ago, police have finally managed to apprehend and lay five charges on Darren Maitland alias “Sicklaw” from Beaulieu, St. George’s.

Darren ‘Sicklaw’ Maitland – being kept is safe custody at Richmond Hill Prisons

Maitland who was on the run from the lawmen was captured last week Wednesday during a sting operation conducted by members of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The suspect has been charged with two counts of causing grievous harm and one count of wounding.

The 30-year old unemployed man is accused of wounding a 17-year old student, Simeon Cambridge of New Hampshire on June 15, and causing grievous harm to bus conductor Alec Mills from Willis, St. George’s on June 16.

An additional charge of causing grievous harm has been laid on Maitland. He is accused of harming Harrison Thomas, a 40-year old mason from The Limes, St. George’s earlier in the year.

During his capture, Maitland was reportedly found with a dagger, which the police regard to be an offensive weapon, and two wrapped portion of marijuana for which he has been charged.

He appeared at the St. George’s Number Two Magistrate’s Court on Monday where he was denied bail by Magistrate Tahira Gellineau and ordered to be kept in safe custody at the Richmond Hill prison.

Police Prosecutor Kerry Swan who objected to bail told the court that Maitland had made himself very scarce following the chopping incidents at New Hampshire and Willis.
Swan informed the court the police are still investigating some matters relating to Maitland and gave the court an account of the young man’s record of infringement with the law that dates back to 1995.

He said Maitland who was convicted in 2007 for manslaughter has a series of offenses relating to bodily harm. The last conviction was in 2010.

A number of youngsters from the neighbouring village of Beaulieu rampaged through the area in June chopping people randomly.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper learnt that the fracas started after some young men from Beaulieu were engaged in a football match with their counterparts from Willis.

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