Poor showing at La Tante

Less than three hundred persons turned up to support an event staged on the La Tante beach Sunday by a group of rebels within the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The group is said to be loyal to former Tourism Minister, Peter David who is the General Secretary of Congress, which won eleven of the fifteen seats to form the government in July 2008.

Party insiders have admitted that most of the 45 members of the National Executive of NDC are aligned to David and not Prime Minister and Political Leader, Tillman Thomas.

The Prime Minister and his followers, numbering an estimated 4,000- 4500 strong, held a government rally at Gouyave, St. John’s to mark the 4th anniversary of Congress’ coming into power.

Members of the group that was associated with the beach picnic

Among the persons seen at the small gathering at La Tante were ex-government ministers Karl Hood, Michael Church and Joseph Gilbert, current ministers Glynis Roberts, Sylvester Quarless and Michael Lett and trade unionist, Senator Chester Humphrey who is believed to be a key ally of the embattled David.

Minister Roberts was spotted later in the evening attending the OECS netball championship at Tanteen and not up at Gouyave with the other ministers giving support to Prime Minister Thomas.

In addressing the gathering which included several children, David said the party can still win a second consecutive term in office when general elections are called but victory would require “party soldiers” to focus and to become active.

“Brothers and sisters, keep hope and don’t let them distract you. Every man has to put his shoulder to the wheel. Go back to the trenches and work hard for the party,” he said.

David, an attorney-at-law by profession and MP for the Town of St. George said he was recommitting himself to “work with anyone who wants to work with me.”

The General Secretary said “bad advice” is being given to the Prime Minister by those in his inner circle.

“They are giving the leader bad advice. There are those around him who will say one thing to him in his face and then stab him in his back,” he charged.

According to David the struggle of the NDC is to ensure more is done to deliver on people’s need for such things as jobs, better housing and improved healthcare.

“We have to find a way to solve these problems in Grenada. This is about our people. This is about Grenada,” said David.

“I will always stand on the side of the people,” he added. “Let us move forward together. Let us move forward in unity.”

St. David MP and Agriculture Minister, Denis Lett, said it was fitting for the NDC to “celebrate the great work of the party” that brought the government to office four years ago.

“I wish all a happy anniversary,” Lett said to the gathering that included other NDC parliamentarians.

Some of the people who supported the beach picnic

He promised to “defend” the NDC, while Assistant General Secretary, Valdon Paul, stressed that the party “belongs to all of us.”

He implored party members to “keep the NDC together and reject those who think the NDC is insignificant.”

Former Culture Minister Arley Gill, who is NDC Public Relations Officer, described the event as “one of the best social activities of the party.”

At the Gouyave meeting, some of the speakers made passing reference to the event staged at La Tante by the so-called rebels within Congress.

Deputy Political Leader, Nazim Burke, told the Gouyave rally that he had received information that the La Tante event was attended by 130 NNP supporters who had gone there for food.

According to Burke, who is the Minister of Finance, he was told that the NNP supporters indicated that after La Tante they would be traveling to St. Andrew’s to attend an after Convention mass meeting.

Chair of the NDC government rally, Health Minister Senator Ann Peters, also dismissed as untrue, reports of the formation of a new party involving Prime Minister Thomas.

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