NAWASA makes a Covenant with customers

Chairman Terrence Smith – holds us to the standards we set

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has given a commitment to Grenadians to quench the needs of customers in a more timely and efficient manner.

In what was referred to as being a covenant, the lone water supplier on the island on Monday launched its Customer Service Charter.

General Manager Christopher Husbands said the Authority looks forward to continued improvements in the level of service that it provides, and the relationship that exist with customers.

He disclosed that the launch of the Customer Service Charter is another output from the first-ever five-year strategic plan that covered the 2009-14 period.

The NAWASA Manager recalled that the Charter is born out of the recognition of the Authority’s responsibility to ensure that its customers get the most of the services that are offered.

“The Charter provides a means for improvements in the relationship between the organisation and our customers,” he said.

According to Husbands, the Charter gives NAWASA the kinds of standards of service to be used to measure its performance in a number of key service areas.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Terrence Smith reiterated that the genesis of the Customer Service Charter can be found in the exercise that was embarked upon in 2009 in formulating the NAWASA Strategic Plan.

Smith noted that the authority’s core requirement, through the Strategic Plan, is being able to provide safe and adequate supplies of drinking water for the population, as well as efficient sewerage storage.

However, he said in spending time with the Strategic Plan it was realised that it was extremely important for the Authority to improve its customer services.

Smith believes a good customer service must go hand in hand with a reliable service of water.

“We can have the best Customer Service Charter, we can be as friendly and efficient as we can with customers when they come to us and interface with us, but there is absolutely no substitute for ensuring that you, the customer and the people of Grenada get a clean wholesome supply of water every time they open their tap,” he said.

“We have set performance standards in this document that we hope to live up to. What I would ask the consuming public, our customers is to hold us to the standards we set,” he added.
The NAWASA Chairman expressed his concerns over the financial intake, which would enable the Authority to undertake some major projects.

He said although the Authority has come a long way in addressing its receivables, it still faces some challenges.

Smith stressed that it is extremely difficult to implement all of the aspects of the Strategic Plan with the lack of financial resources.

He said there is need for continuous investment in the water sector in order for the Authority to be able to live up to the promises being made through the Customer Service Charter.

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