Lalsingh: ‘Uncle Tilly’ will hide his head in shame

Deputy Chairman of the New National Party (NNP), Kenny Lalsingh says Prime Minister Tillman Thomas will hide his head in shame when they reveal “the real paper” about the US$150, 000 issue.

It was the latest salvo from the main opposition party as the debate continues into the funds that former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell told the nation was deposited into the account at Republic Bank of a senior member of the current administration.

Prime Minister Thomas has publicly acknowledged receiving US$50,000.00 in his private account at Republic Bank as a contribution to his Congress party.

In a public rally at the Telescope Playing Field on Sunday, the high-ranking NNP official scoffed at a copy of the financial transaction that was published in the local media.

Lalsingh told hundreds of party supporters at a public meeting Sunday night at Telescope in St. Andrew’s that the paper published on the front page of THE NEW TODAY newspaper and other media entities is not the real paper.

After weeks of failing to present evidence it claims to have to dispute Prime Minister Thomas’ published evidence of the transaction, the NNP official charged that the right paper will come out in the right time.

“He (Tillman) will hide his head in shame”, said Lalsingh who like Thomas was a founding member of the NNP.

The two later joined with others in forming the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Lalsingh was forced out of Congress but Thomas remained to later become the Political Leader in the aftermath of the party’s terrible showing in the 1999 general elections.

During the NNP rally, former Minister of Agriculture, Roland Bhola promised the immediate return of the fisherman and farmers funds once the NNP is re-elected into office in 2013.

The Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew North-East sought to convince supporters that they will continue to suffer if Grenada is left in the “backward hands” of the Congress government.

Bhola said that since taking office in 2008, the NDC of Prime Minister Thomas has destroyed every positive thing that was started by the NNP.

He said that the fisherman and farmers funds established by the Keith Mitchell-led government of 1993-2008 was cut by the Congress administration but once the NNP is returned both funds would be immediately reinstated.

He also gave assurances that a NNP government would also immediately reinstate the farm road project and will move to ensure that fertilisers for farmers is once again available at low cost.

He said that the assistance funds to be reinstated by a new NNP government would be better managed to ensure the sustenance of the funds.

Bhola told supporters that they often shoot themselves in the foot and arms by not repaying loans to government funds and assistance programmes, hence the  reason why the NDC government was able to accuse the former administration of corruption.

He said NNP Government would incorporate the use of technology to ensure that farmers have better yield and quality.

The Opposition MP said that the state-owned Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB) would be revamped to provide adequate market for farmers’ products.

Other plans outlined by the NNP Shadow Agriculture Minister included the improvement and increase of farm machinery and establishing a better link between the Ministries of Agriculture, Tourism and Education.

However Bhola warned that the return of the NNP into office will not bring magic but with a team and leader that are dedicated to service, every sector of the economy will be transformed under a Mitchell administration.

He also made a plea to party supporters to go out an get registered so that they can participate in the upcoming general election.

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