La Borie woman placed on bond for stealing

‘My life has been turned upside down… I wish I could erase what I have done’.

Those were words coming from 28-year old Catoria Jeremiah from La Borie, St. George’s as she threw herself at the mercy of the high court on Tuesday.

With tears streaming from her eyes, Jeremiah who pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing by reason of employment at a local financial institution told a female high court judge she realized it was a wrong thing she did.

The La Borie resident who was employed as the Finance Officer at Caribbean Microfinance Grenada Limited stole $28,981.20 sometime between April 2010 and August 2010 from the business.

The discovery was made when an audit was conducted and the police were called in.

Jeremiah who had responsibility for St. Andrew’s and St. David’s conducted the company’s business by processing loans and collecting cash payments from clients.

Immediately following the discovery of the irregularities, she accepted responsibility for the crime in a letter sent to Microfin.
She also admitted taking the money to the police.

Jeremiah has since made restitution of the full amount of money and this was taken into consideration by the court.

As a result presiding Judge, Madam Justice Clare Henry imposed a non-custodial sentence on the young lady and placed her on a bond to keep the peace and to be of good behaviour for 18 months.

The bond is in the sum of $3,000.00 with one surety.

However, Justice Henry warned Jeremiah that should she break the bond she would be brought back to court and given a prison sentence on a charge of stealing by reason of employment.

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