Capital Projects being addressed

The second phase of the Agricultural Feeder Roads Programme is one step closer to being started before the end of the year.

The announcement has come from Minister of Works, Senator Denneth Modeste while giving the nation an update on a number of capital projects during a government organised rally at Gouyave, St. John’s last Sunday.

Sen. Denneth Modeste – be patient with the government

Sen. Modeste said work would take place on 15 farm roads in the Parishes of St. Andrew’s, St. David’s, St. Mark’s, St. Patrick’s and St. John’s when the project comes on stream at the end of October.

The tendering phase of the project was due to come to an end earlier this week.

The tendering evaluation is then expected to take one month, followed by the tender award that is expected to take another month.

Sen. Modeste said the group that is awarded the contract would be given two months to fully prepare itself for the task.

“The work on the Agricultural Feeder Roads Project, we expect to start in earnest around the end of October, early November,” he told the large gathering.

The project includes civil engineering works for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of approximately 35 kilometres of 16 agricultural feeder roads that involves site preparation, earthworks, pavement layers, drainage structures, bridges and road safety works.

A loan agreement was signed in St. George’s on February 5, 2011 between Grenada and Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (the Fund).

Through this signing, the Fund agreed to extend a loan of approximately US $8.5 million to Grenada to help finance the second phase of the Agricultural Feeder Roads Project.

The total cost of the project is estimated at about EC $62.27 million of which the Fund’s loan covers about 36.4 percent.
Sen. Modeste also gave an update on the progress of the work on the St. George’s Market Square Project.

He said refurbishment work of the market includes the development of a main shed with 38 enclosed and semi-enclosed booths and an open area with one hundred tables.

The refurbishment work is being done at a cost of $4.2M which is being funded by Venezuela.

The Grenville Market Project that is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is also another centerpiece project for the Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

The project consists of the market square development, which, according to Sen. Modeste, is 40 percent completed.

Another component of the project is a abattoir at Mirabeau, which is 70 percent completed, and work on the bus terminal at Moon Shadow Park, which has started.

Sen. Modeste announced that work on the St. John’s River at River Road, St. George’s should start very soon.

Work on two bridges at Gouyave that is to be funded by  the World Bank is also expected to get started next year.

Sen. Modeste said the design for the Hubble Bridge has been completed by the Ministry of Works, and is now awaiting approval by the World Bank.

Reference was also made of the St. Patrick’s road to be done in two sections – from Duquense to Sauteurs, a distance of seven kilometres, and Sauteurs and Pointz Field, which has another seven-kilometres distance.

Sen. Modeste spoke of the design contract for that project being funded by the CDB at cost of $1.7m.

This project is expected to come on stream early next year.

The Senior Government Minister appealed to the people to be patient with the government as many of the projects will soon be coming on stream.

Section of he huge crowd that converged outside the Gouyave Nutmeg Pool for the NDC Rally

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