Rubis comes to Grenada

The team of Rubis Officials at the ceremony

A French supplier of petroleum has made its way onto the Grenadian market.

Rubis has formed a partnership with local businessman Lyden Ramdhanny to have the supplier become a household name in Grenada through the Melville Street Service Station.

During the commissioning of the Rubis Melville Street Service Station last week Thursday, Chief Executive Officer of Rubis West Indies Limited, Mauricio Nicholls promised a modern, clean, appealing, and welcoming image.

Nicholls who is based in Barbados pointed out that the investment made demonstrates the company’s commitment to Grenada, which he said is a very special and important market.

MP Peter David (centre) with the Ramdhanny’s at the cutting of the ribbon

“We hope also that it demonstrates our commitment to the Grenadian consumer. We offer the Grenadian consumer quality products, excellent service, convenient locations, pleasant and pleasing environments, and modern, clean and well-lit retail locations,” he said.

Nicholls spoke of his company having built a special relationship with the Government of Grenada, which he said enabled the company to operate in the country.

The Melville Street Service Station was out of service for just over ten years.

Country Representative, Charles Archer who also addressed the ceremony added his voice to the economic impact that Rubis can have on the local economy.

“These sizeable investments, as well as several more in the pipeline are testament to Rubis’ very long-term plans for a healthy partnership with Grenada. Our actions, thus far, provided investment and created jobs in Grenada at a time when the economy is in dire need of stimulation,” he said.

Rubis was founded in 1990. It has operations in Africa, Europe, and in the Caribbean.

Archer disclosed that within six months of Rubis entering the local market, the Grand Mal Gas Station which was closed for over four years was refurbished and reopened.

That facility is now operated by Lionel Goddard from Mt. Moritz, St. George’s who up to recently served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Employers Federation.

Archer said all of the service stations which were once operated by Chevron would be rebranded with the name Rubis by the end of the year.

On April 1, 2011, Rubis acquired the regional assets of the Chevron business operations in nine Eastern Caribbean Countries.

One year later, May 1, 2012, the petroleum supplier further announced the acquisition of Chevron assets in The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos.

It distributes Liquid Petroleum Gas, retail, commercial and aviation fuel, and refined products.

The Melville Street Operator who trades under the name, L’Esterre Investments Limited believes that the emergence of Rubis in Grenada is something that was looked forward to by many gas station dealers.

Ramdhanny said it is now a new dawn for the group of dealers on the island.

He suggested that in facing the challenge of a new business that dealers, collectively, should start “thinking outside of the box” in doing things differently if they are to be successful.

“If we are going to go for national development, we have to start thinking outside of the box, doing things differently, and it cannot be the same old, same old (thing). We have to look at new avenues, new ways of enhancing our community,” he added.

In Grenada, Rubis operates out of the Grand Mal-based storage and production distribution terminal.

The cutting of the ribbon to ceremoniously mark the opening of the Service Station was done by Parliamentary Representative for the Town of St. George, former Tourism Minister, Peter David who recognised that the business partnership has come at a time when Grenada like many other economies throughout the world are facing serious difficulties.

David said he believes the reopening of the Melville Street Service Station would benefit the Town of St. George, and used the occasion to appeal for jobs to be provided for his constituents.

Rubis Melville Street Service Station

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