Political parties stage major events

Three major political events are planned for Grenada on Sunday involving the two major political parties on the island.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his supporters in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have announced the staging of a public meeting at Gouyave, St. John’s in which a major statement is planned to mark the 4th anniversary of their ascension into power.

Former Finance Minister, Anthony Boatswain, Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew North-East, Roland Bhola and NNP Public Relations Officer Winston Garraway

Another faction with Congress, led by former Tourism Minister, Peter David is holding what is dubbed as a “Fun Day” at La Tante beach in St. David’s.

However, the main opposition New National Party (NNP) is using Sunday to hold its 25th Annual Convention at the St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) under the theme, “Reviewing Our Past, Charting Our Future. NNP – The Only answer”.
The party led by former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell is making an attempt to grab back the reigns of power in the 2013 General Election following its humiliating defeat at the July 08, 2008 polls.

Speaking to reporters Monday at a press conference, Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew North-East, Roland Bhola, gave assurances once again that the NNP is going to do things different if re-elected into office.

“Yes we have made mistakes, we have had shortcomings in our time in government and we have stand up and looked at it and we’re going to be a different innings,” he said.

Bhola, the General Secretary of the party, stated that NNP has looked at their past and one of the concerns identified was the issue of productivity that has to be addressed.

“We have sat and looked at the present situation, we have analysed what this present government is doing and we have asked ourselves what would we have done if we were in government and we know that there are many things… that we would have done different….”, he said.

“…There are many things we will do different if we return to office… I will not say in details what we going to do but one of the things I can tell you that must happen in Grenada when NNP returns to office is we must see greater capital injection into the economy, both local and foreign, private and public,” he added.
During its 13-year stay in government, the NNP government was often criticised for guaranteeing millions of dollars to foreign investors who did not perform.

The biggest was over 20 million guaranteed to U.S investor, E.J Miller who drew down on the money and left the island.
Presently, Grenada is paying back the millions owed to a bank in Belgium that guaranteed the funds for Miller to engage in the so-called Ritz Carlton hotel project at Mt. Hartman.

According to Bhola, the NNP is confident of winning the upcoming general election in 2013, saying that the ruling party under the leadership of Prime Minister Thomas “has outlived its shelf life”.

He said the NNP has thought long and hard about the theme to be used for Sunday’s convention and concluded the one chosen was the most appropriate to use since it is their belief that Grenada needs rescuing, bearing in mind that to move forward they must look back at what has happened over the years.

The Opposition member said they believe the Congress government is not answering the call of the Grenadian people and that the opportunity is right for the NNP but they must be prepared to do better.

He said: “The rally on Sunday the 8th will have a different flavour …we’ll be looking now at the way forward, we are going to be talking about hope for Grenada, we are going to be talking about rescuing, we are going to be telling you about our vision”, he said.
“Our mission is to rescue this country and we’ll give you the vision of the New National Party and the way forward…for years to come”, he added.

Sunday will see the election to top NNP executive positions followed by the party’s public rally at the Telescope playing field in St Andrew.

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