PM Thomas: The statement is dishonest

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – I am advancing the NDC Agenda

Prime Minister and Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Tillman Thomas has labeled as dishonest a Press Release issued by the party’s Pubic Relations Officer (PRO), Arley Gill.

The release spoke about a special event in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Party’s July 8th, 2008 general election victory, which takes place on Sunday at La Tante Beach.

Addressing the media on Monday at a hurriedly put together Press Conference that was attended by a number of Cabinet Ministers, the Prime Minister said that as Political Leader of the NDC, the release was issued without his knowledge and approval. (see Page ….. for full statement)

The Prime Minister said that funding for the activity that takes place outside the Gouyave Nutmeg Pool is from funds raised by the NDC.

“It is an NDC Administration, we’re mobilising the NDC base to be at that rally to give an account of our stewardship,” he told reporters.

Prime Minister Thomas disclosed that since June 21, a circular was issued about the fourth anniversary rally.

He promised to point out the persons who are advancing the NDC agenda on Sunday and at other subsequent occasions.

Some of the Government Ministers who were at the Prime Minister’s Press Conference

“The evidence is there. There is an NDC agenda, which I am advancing. There are those within NDC with another agenda as was stated clearly by the MP (Member of Parliament) for the Town of St. George in Parliament that his sentiments are with the motion on the vote of no confidence,” he said.

Minister of Information Senator Glen Noel who also addressed the media on the issue of funding for Sunday’s rally indicated that one of the main duties of any political party is to support its government.

Sen. Noel said the NDC raised funds and handed them to the Political Leader for clearing bills associated with the previous rally that took place at Grenville Car Park.

He disclosed that supporters of the government have been asked to assist in raising the finance needed for Sunday’s rally.
Sen. Noel appeared confident that the broad membership of the party who have been clamouring for the rally would be in Gouyave on Sunday.

He said it was only at last Thursday’s National Executive Meeting that a discussion about the fun day took place.

“This rally was planned long before. The previous executive meeting was on 17th May, and at that meeting no discussion of the activity in La Tante was discussed. And the only other executive meeting that was held after that was Thursday gone, and that was the first time it raised its head, and this activity (the rally) was in the news before,” he remarked.

In recent years, the NDC has been split into two factions with one remaining loyal to Prime Minister Thomas and the other supportive of General Secretary, Peter David who resigned as Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation a few months ago citing major differences with his leader and the fiscal policies of the government.

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