Majestic Thursday: Beauty with a purpose

Organisers of the National Queen Show are intent on raising the nation’s awareness to breast cancer.

At a recently held press conference that was hosted by the Spice Mas Corporation (SMC), Member of the Board, Brenda Baptiste announced that a partnership has been formed with the Pink Ribbon Society as its community service platform for the show which would feature one representative from each of the seven Parishes including Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The queen contestants would be featured at a tea party during which they would highlight the community service platform of breast cancer.

Another event geared at raising the breast cancer awareness is dubbed “pretty in pink.”

This would take the form of a fete to promote the show and give the contestants a greater visibility.

Baptiste promised that Majestic Thursday which takes place on August 9 will take a different format.

She said unlike the belief that it is a show where young women going on stage and displaying their physical beauty and other attributes, it would be “beauty with a purpose.”

The traditional queen show competition that includes the costume, talent, swim wear, evening wear and interview would be a celebration of “all things women.”

Within the segments of the show, women entertainers from Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago would be featured.

Brenda Baptiste – beauty with a purpose

They include Calypso Rose, Allison Hinds, Nadia Batson, Pamela Courtney, Lady Cinty and Nikoyan Bain.

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