Traditional mas to be used to market Grenada

The Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) is on a drive to ensure that traditional mas is permanently featured as part of Grenada’s cultural heritage.
Member of the SMC, attorney-at-law, Claudette Joseph told reporters last week that the Corporation would focus on educating people on the various forms of traditional mas during a competition that is carded for July 28.
Joseph who is charged with the responsibility of handling the traditional mas aspect of Carnival said that for the second consecutive year there would be the traditional mas exhibition and competition at Victoria, St. Mark’s.
The competition would be held among the different forms of traditional mas, while the exhibition would focus on educating and informing the nation about the history, origin and culture that is traditional mas.
The SMC member said unlike other Carnivals in the region, Grenada has something that is special and unique.
“Hopefully, we would bring all traditional mas to that level where we can really use traditional mas as a tool in which we can market Grenada as a whole and Grenada’s culture,” she added.
Fourteen bands from a wide range of the traditional mas participated in the inaugural activity last year.
“No other country plays traditional mas in the way that we do, no other country has the various types of traditional mas that we do,” Joseph said.
Spicemas which climaxes on August 13 and 14 is being celebrated under the theme, “Uniquely Rooted in Our Rich Ancestral Traditions, Shortknee: Legacy of the Chantuelle.”
Former Calypso Monarch, Findley “Scholar” Jeffrey is tasked with the responsibility of composing a special shortknee calypso.
During the traditional mas competition, a number of persons who have contributed to the growth of traditional mas over the years would be emulated.
As a means of attracting interest in the summer festival, the carnival organisers have once again established what is known as “Carnival City” which is based at Garfield’s Summer Lime on the Kirani James Boulevard every Thursday for the entire season.
Carnival City, which is used to promote Carnival activities, would be taken to each Parish on the island on Sundays.
The event moves into the Tivoli hard court in St. Andrew’s on July 1 where all aspects of Carnival in the parish would be highlighted.
On July 15, the activity is taken to the Victoria hard court in St. Mark’s featuring a pan solo competition.
River Salle Community Centre in St. Patrick’s gets a taste of Carnival City on July 22 showcasing a ladies in calypso competition.

The Shortknee mas – being featured in Spicemas 2012

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