Soca entertainment at Panorama

SMC Chairman Colin Dowe – we called for partnerships

Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) has formed an alliance with Tropics Entertainment to enhance the panorama competition this year.
Through that alliance worked out, panorama would be flavoured with soca entertainment which the SMC sees as an innovative move geared at attracting a larger audience to the show, while at the same time giving a better quality presentation.
SMC’s Chairman Colin Dowe disclosed to the media last week that his organisation forged a collaboration with Tropics Entertainment as a result of a promoters’ meeting where a call was made for partnership in assisting the carnival committee to improve on the panorama product.
Dowe said the shortfall in the investment in the steel band movement is one reason why the product needs to be improved.
He stated that steel band is the largest investment made by SMC of any of the three components of Carnival – mas, pan and calypso.
According to him, the investment in steel band approaches $400,000.00, while the returns through gate receipts and sponsorships total $22,000.00.
“We called for partnerships. We had a number of proposals that we had to go through, and in doing so we forged a partnership that would bring ‘good entertainment’ to the night that is Pantastic Saturday,” he said.
Pantastic Saturday, which takes place on August 11, would be made up of the traditional steel band competition along with performances by regional and local soca artistes.
Among the regional soca artistes would be Bunji Garlin, Kerwin Du Bois, and Fay-Ann Lyons from Trinidad and Tobago.
Dowe felt that it is extremely important to give the huge number of youngsters who are panists taking part in the panorama competition “that is a pillar of Carnival”, an audience to witness the skill, discipline and talent, and hopefully improving the financial intake.
SMC is currently embroiled in a confrontation with the promoters of “White In The Moonlight” which is a soca show that takes place annually on Panorama night in St. Andrew’s.
The Carnival organisers are urging the promoters to look at an alternative date in staging “White In The Moonlight,” which competes directly with panorama for patrons.
It is felt that the partying population of Grenada is too small for two mega events to be successful on the same night.
Dowe said with Carnival being the largest cultural event in Grenada, it needs to be treated as a business.
“In order for Grenada to maximise the benefits of Carnival, the wider the spread of the activities, the more spend there will be within the economy, and hence the returns to all Grenadians increase,” he added.
Last year, carnival contributed approximately $18.1m to the local economy.

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