NAWASA to address water quality concerns at the Mardigras Water System

May 21st, 2012 – St. George’s, Grenada: In keeping with its commitment to distinctive quality and improved customer care, The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is moving to address the quality of water supplied to consumers served by the Mardigras Water System.

The Authority is investing over Nine Hundred Thousand EC dollars (EC $900,000) in the “Mardigras New Pipeline Project” which will significantly improve the aesthetic quality of water supplied to consumers. The project involves the installation four inch diameter ductile iron pipeline along the cross country route from Africa to Mt. Parnassus. This line then connects to the Mardigras distribution network starting at the treatment plant along the Mardigras main road.

The Mardigras Water Treatment Plant sits at an elevation of approximately 365 meters above mean sea level and currently serves Mardigras, Good Hope, St. Paul’s and its surrounding environs. The average base demand stands at 88, 000, gallons of water per day, while the system produces 125 thousand.

To date, the project is 21% completed, with completion scheduled for July 2012 – all things remaining optimum. According to NAWASA’s Chief Engineer Nigel Lowe, the project fits within NAWASA’s five year Strategic plan in the area of capital projects designed specifically to ensure the improvement in water quality and supply. “The complaints of water quality from consumers served by the system would be significantly improved. These projects are expected to impact positively on revenue and reduce operating costs associated with frequent repairs” Lowe added.

This project also speaks directly to NAWASA’s Mission Statement and commitment to providing a safe, adequate and reliable water supply and safe disposal of waste water in a viable and efficient manner that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations and ensures the development of our organization, communities and our nation.

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