Glynis Roberts on the move to assist local entrepreneurs

Minister Glynis Roberts – intent on raising the foreign exchange level

Newly assigned Foreign Trade Minister Glynis Roberts is determined to ensure that the country’s foreign exchange reserve is strengthened.
Roberts who assumed the portfolio of Minister of Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development two weeks ago spoke of her intention to fulfill her mandate in her new ministry on the weekly NDC Heart Beat Radio Programme last Sunday.
Roberts, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the South said although she has already taken the Oath of Office and paid a visit to her new ministry last week, she has not yet started functioning as the Environment Minister.
However, the female Government Minister said it is her intention, when settled in, to hit the ground running.
Indicating that part of her ministry is Foreign Trade, Minister Roberts recognized that it is foreign trade that “can help bring revenue” into the country.
The senior Government Minister is also on the campaign to assist small entrepreneurs.
“I want to start initially by appealing to persons out there who do things like manufacturing, people who plant, to see how we can get more people who do not have steady jobs to get into things like trading,” she said.
Minister Roberts said her ministry would try to establish more links with regional countries such as Antigua/Barbuda, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago to have the locally produced items be shipped to those destinations in an effort to get more of the foreign exchange come into the local economy.
The Government Minister also has her eyes set on tapping into the European Market.
She said through the Economic Partnership Agreement, most of the goods produced by Grenada can get on to the European Market.
Roberts who is known to have been a champion for the mangrove in her South Constituency would now be on the move to ensure that other environments throughout the State of Grenada are taken care of.
“I am the MP for the mangroves in the south, but now I’m the MP for all mangroves in Grenada. So we’re going to work together with communities, getting people sensitize as to why we need to keep the rivers clean, why we need to dispose of our waste properly because we have the challenges where the reefs are dying,” she said.
Roberts was removed as Labour Minister in a mini-cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.
That portfolio is now taken by Sylvester Quarless who is the Minister of Social Development.

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