Dominica joins other ALBA countries in requesting immediate expulsion of USAID

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (ACN) — The Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) has requested the immediate expulsion from all ALBA nations of the UN Agency for International Development (USAID) citing activities contrary to the sovereignty and political stability of these countries.
A communiqué to this effect, issued on June 21, was signed by the governments of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominica, Nicaragua and Venezuela.
The official ALBA communiqué published by Granma newspaper, said that the foreign ministers of ALBA met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and resolved to request, from the heads of state and government of the ALBA nations, the immediate expulsion from their countries of USAID, its representatives or delegates, asserting their presence and activities were a disruptive factor against the sovereignty and political stability of ALBA countries.
The document explained that the decision was taken after considering what was described as the open interference with the ALBA countries’ domestic policy by USAID, which, under the pretext of “planning and managing US economic and humanitarian assistance in the world, funds non-government organisations, actions and projects aimed at destabilising legitimate governments, which do not respond to its interests.”
The communiqué added that the decision also took into account, the analysis of evidence contributed by declassified US State Department documents revealing the funding of opposition political organisations in ALBA countries, in clear and open interference with internal political processes in each nation.
The foreign ministers also said that the ALBA countries do not need USAID funding to sustain their democracies, which are consolidated with Latin American and Caribbean nations.
The ALBA countries said they do not need any organisation that performs under the tutelage of foreign powers, which in reality only usurps and weakens the action of state agencies by preventing them from playing their role in their countries’ economic and social development.

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