Courts Unicomer Super Dad 2012

Saturday 16th June, mirrored the excitement and jubilant energies at the Courts Young Street store, as was seen on 12th May, 2012, when Mothers got the chance to vie for the title of Courts Super Mom.
That Saturday saw six fathers compete for the title of Courts Super Dad. This competition came on the request of fathers asking for an activity for them, as it is often mentioned that there is always an event or activity for mothers but never for fathers.
The Courts OECS group listened to this request and decided to roll out a similar activity as was done for Mother’s Day.
The contestants were all given eight challenges. These included: dressing the baby, emptying the trash, assembling a product (Computer chair), painting, connecting a TV and DVD, playing the correct lullaby (choosing from three CDs), sorting out the laundry and making a sandwich. All of these activities had to be completed in 15 minutes.
The winner of the Super Dad Challenge was Nigel Moore, who completed his eight challenges in 12 mins 39 sec and accumulated a mass total of 184 points. Mr. Desmond Mitchell came in second and Mr. Arvon Lucas placed third.
Mr. Moore won $2000 cash and gave high praises to Courts for putting on the Super Dad Challenge and further stated that he is looking forward to more fun activities from Courts.
All participating fathers received prizes from Courts.
The Management and Staff of Courts Unicomer Grenada extend special thanks to all the fathers who participated and express their Congratulations to Mr. Nigel Moore.
(The above was submitted by Courts (G’da) Ltd)

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