Live updates: Putin confronts West in muted Victory Day events

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbach met her Chinese counterpart Qin Gang in Berlin on Tuesday.debt…Pool photo by Michael Tantussi

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbach warned that Beijing may choose to play a leading role in ending the war in Ukraine and against undermining Western sanctions on Russia, as she and her visiting Chinese counterpart exchanged stern words in Berlin on Tuesday but vowed to try. Find common ground.

China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, visited the German capital on the first stop of a European tour that comes amid rising tensions between Chinese and European leaders, particularly over China’s friendship with Russia. In a press conference after the two met, Mr. Kin and Mrs. Baerbach also aired their differences on international policy, particularly regarding Russian aggression.

He used Russia’s Victory Day celebration of the Soviet victory over the Nazis in World War II to argue that Russia was exploiting and undermining its historical role by continuing its war in Ukraine. He said China can play a special role in resolving the conflict.

“China, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, can play a significant role in ending the war if it chooses to do so,” he said. China refused to condemn Russia’s invasion and promised not to provide military aid to Russia.

A few weeks ago in Beijing, during the first official visit by a German foreign minister, Ms. Baerbach and Mr. In Berlin, both sides insisted their meetings underscored their commitment to overcoming their differences.

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Germany and China are scheduled to hold bilateral government talks next month on issues such as climate policy and trade. His arrival was in preparation for those meetings, Mr.

At the press conference, Ms. Baerbock warned that European sanctions against Russia “should not be undermined in a roundabout way”. The EU’s plans for the 11th round of sanctions include looking at measures aimed at so-called dual-use items, which have civilian purposes but can also be used militarily. Some countries, including China, continue to supply Russia with dual-use products such as microchips.

“It’s not directed against any particular country, but specifically related to these sanctioned items,” Ms Baerbach said. “But we expect all countries, and we expect China to exercise appropriate influence in its institutions in this sense.”

Mr. “Simplification and emotionalism are not the solution,” Qin said in response to questions about Ukraine.

“China did not cause this war and is not a party, but it is committed to peace talks,” he said. In recent months, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has tried to burnish his image as a global statesman, but U.S. officials and their allies have questioned Mr. They have questioned whether Shikku has.

Mr. Qin warned that China would have its own legislation around dual-use items and that external sanctions would be retaliated against. He said there were “normal exchanges” between Chinese and Russian companies that should not be disturbed, adding that China would respond “firmly and severely” to attempts to do so.

And he warned Berlin and other European countries not to be dragged into a new “Cold War” meeting, as calls in the US to disengage from the Chinese economy and debate in Europe over maintaining ties clearly indicate. Eliminate trade ties with Beijing.

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Mr. Kin’s European tour will also take him to France and Norway. The Germany visit was a last-minute surprise announced a day earlier. At the same time, Beijing sought to delay the visit of German Finance Minister Christian Lindner, raising questions about whether the move was a reaction to his pro-business Free Democrats’ tough stance on China.

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