Disrespectful behaviour!!!

Permit me to share with other Grenadians an experience I had at the hands of a non-national in our country, whose place of business was violating certain consumer protection laws. This man, who is Chinese in appearance, was the cashier at the Chinese Store on Halifax Street, in the building that was once Banfield’s Store.

I believe that many Grenadians have walked into stores, picked up items and found that they are unable to read the labels, because it is in a language other than English. This was my experience at the Chinese Store on Saturday, May 25th 2019, as I tried to find myself an item of clothing.

I am strong in my conviction that we Grenadians have a role to play in ensuring that certain standards and regulations are adhered to, so fueled by this conviction, I approached the cashier and pointed out to him that I was unable to determine the size of the garments, because the labelling was all in Chinese.

I added that according to the laws of Grenada, imported goods are to be labelled in English. At this he told me that he could not understand what I was saying. I responded by suggesting that he might understand if I called in the Ministry of Trade for him. At this he became abusive and disrespectful to me, raising his voice and saying, “You crazy, you crazy. Go, go!” as if to chase me out of the store.

Grenadians are a hospitable people and we welcome most all races, religions, nationalities who come to our land. We however expect that those who choose to live and do business here, will abide by the laws of our country and show respect to the people of Grenada who have allowed them to be here and who support their businesses.

Grenadians, these laws are in place for our benefit. Let us be on the look-out for those who are operating in contravention of our laws, and call them out. Let us be involved in protecting our rights. When we do this, they will be less likely to take such liberties.

I have already brought this matter to the attention of the Department of Trade and was advised that they will look into it. I look forward to walking into stores and being able to read all labels.

Meryl Marryshow

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