Blows for Peter David!!!

The brilliance of Dr. Mitchell as a political boss has once again been demonstrated by his selection of Peter David as the Minister of Labour.

The Doc made another shrewd move in putting the NDC sellout to face the workers rather than appoint any of the other NNP winning candidates in the last election to battle against the workers.

Our Prime Minister understands the politics and knows when to make a big political move as he is the only political grandmaster in the country.

We in the NNP know that if Peter stayed in NDC it would have been difficult for our party to regain office after the defeat in the 2008 election.

The Doc was able to break up the powerful team of Peter, Nazim Burke and Uncle Tilly by wooing Peter who we know felt that Nazim Burke and not him that will become the next NDC Prime Minister in Grenada.

We know that Peter was very gullible and could fall for the bait –if he wanted to be a Prime Minister it was better for him to join NNP as Nazim will not allow him to get the job which he wanted for himself.

With Peter now on the NNP side, Dr. Mitchell is no fool and has another plan for him, which is to destroy him politically make him unpopular in the eyes of Grenadians and so he cannot challenge the Doc for the leadership of the country and party.

Our leader is a maximum leader and understands politics. Everything is now on the table for Doc and Doc alone to enjoy. Peter is no longer a treat and Nazim is now dead politically. The Doc is the only one standing in the ring.

The Doc was aware even before the 2018 election that there will be problems on the labour front for NNP and what a better man to put in charge of Labour – none other than Peter David and his sidekick Chester Humphrey to help him out.

The Doc is now smiling as the workers gave Peter such a bad licking on Labour Day that he is now so wounded that he has gone into hiding politically.

We in the NNP who have been observing do not believe that Peter expected the blows from the workers and Chester Humphrey was not even around to help him as he went into hiding on Labour Day. Imagine Chester Humphrey, the champion of the Working Class for the last 40 years now being treated as an outcast by the workers of this country.

The Doc pulled off another master stroke by allowing Peter to go and face the full force and fury of the workers and protecting the real NNP MP’s like Oliver Joseph, Emmalin Pierre, Nicholas Steele, Pamela Moses and Kate Lewis. Hats off Dr. Keith.

My leader will not forget how the workers beat up on people like Dr. Lawrence Joseph and Elvin Nimrod in past years.

We have to protect our own and let Peter David and Chester Humphrey prove their worth by taking on the workers for us.

If Peter had any intention of challenging the Doc for leadership at any time, he better think twice because he failed the test in a big way on Labour Day.

It was a sad day for Peter as the Ambassadors of two counties that are his great friends were at La Sagesse to witness first-hand the onslaught by the workers on him. Peter cannot fool them as they saw how he was booed and shouted down on Labour Day.

Peter likes to see himself as the champion of the Working Class but this minister has done nothing for the workers of the country since the election.

If the trend continues, it will be more blows for Peter from the workers as Brother Justin Campbell say, “we need a Minister of Labour” and not a minister who jumps in a plane as Minister of Foreign Affairs whenever the workers get restless.

John Boyke

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