Do something for cocoa!!!

Over the Last 2 or 3 years , I have remained silent on some activities that can further assist Grenada or lack of them as I observe.

What is going on in the Grenada Cocoa Association “Limited” now that the 2019 Labour Day has come and passed?

I shall begin these documentaries with the hope that they may transform Grenada and “Grenada Cocoa” and Grenada Chocolate soonest.

The following is the First in a Series of Actions that should be taken to broaden the scope of cocoa and chocolates in GRENADA:-

(1). The “Carlton Cocoa Station”

This Cocoa Station, located in a major 3-Point Road Junction to St. George’s and Grenville in almost the centre of the cocoa Industry needs a drastic change including a facelift and transformation into a major Agro-tourism attraction, linked with the Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association.

To do this, the outside should be made into a virtual flower garden with special selected plants and special Cocoa plants properly maintained showing off our unique “Grenada Cocoa” such as the “Criollo Type and the Best “Trinitario” & Forastero type of Clones. Their biological names such as “Theobroma cacao” should be in bold letterings with a brief summary on Grenada Cocoa.
Perhaps, a school in St. Andrew could be asked to adopt the project and do the historical research necessary.

Similarly this should be done for the over fifty year old Nutmeg tree planted by the Noel Family several decades ago with the name “Myristica fragrans” etc and a brief write up on the living legend should be done.

The Grenada Cocoa Association should liaison with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to regulate traffic in the area . Speed Humps should be placed at Strategic Points in the Highway there to enable reduction in hustling Buses and other vehicles with warning signs and so on.

Besides the front of the Building, the sides and the back should be developed and linked with Tourist Tour operators and so on. This change will more than triple the amount of persons who visit the site now.

But even more important, is the Carlton Building, the building should be painted in either the National colours or in the Brand Colour for our “Grenada Cocoa” or of our Grenada Chocolate Jouvay brand. Bold lettering of the Carlton Cocoa Station should be made and inscribed on the Building to be seen from either direction.

Then the Tours to and of the Carlton Cocoa Station should be more professional even to the extent of having the tourist visitors be prepared and briefed for the Carlton Tour before reaching there; possibly on Tape or on Diskette.

The Tour Guides should be dressed appropriately remembering that this is a tour of a Food Plant. Possibly there should be an outlet for Cocoa tea cold and hot for chocolates such as “Bonbons “ and Truffles etc. Also tourist gift packages including dry pod packages and so on.

This is the first in a series of ideas and concepts for public discussion and implementation to help Grenada.

Dr. E. Reginald Buckmire

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