I am like that old country preacher that long time bible toting REVEREND with his TABERNACLE and big sisters preaching from the heart on the roadside, and hoping that a few might take heed.

I am certain that you and thousands of Grenadians are viewing on television, reading and getting information from friends and family in Trinidad about the arriving Venezuelans on the shores of the country and how things are going.

Within the arriving refugee group as they are called, there are THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, and at times it’s the minority of bad fellows that will spark a negative backlash from the natives, and who can blame them.

Already the bad elements are showing their true colors, and it’s only a matter of time before a heavy outrage lead by some uneasy individuals attempt to begin doing unlawful things to the desperate South Americans.

Trinidad, though the second largest of the English-speaking Caribbean chain of islands, despite its size can only take so much, and the question is what would happen if they the refugees begin to head North East to Grenada and St Vincent?

There is an old saying when your neighbor’s house is on fire wet yours, and as I sit here tapping on the keys of my logitech keyboard I am wondering if both governments of Grenada and St Vincent are thinking in line that such can happen, and I am almost certain it will.

With the first wave of just fifty, I can imagine seeing those elected officials that know everything and won’t take an idea or advice from a man or woman in the street once they take up office sitting and pondering what they need to do but won’t reach out to the masses, because they don’t take advice period and are prepared to hand out free old talk while they collect a pay cheque and scratching their you know what and doing nothing.

I’ll be the first to say that they the Venezuelans will bring skills that’s badly needed to help push the country forward in many fields, but at what price.

Already it’s quite sickening to walk through the towns of St George and Grenville only to see who is in control of the everyday commerce and spreading quite rapidly, all because of the failure of government after government to educate and equip its people.

They the Venezuelans with whom we have shared economic and many more friendships with for years are coming, and is government and the natives prepared to handle THE BAD AND THE UGLY in the group that may include some of our own Venezuelan relatives that is going to turn a paradise upside down in a very short space of time because of some men and women that are put into office just won’t think as they should?

Mark my word, THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY are only days, weeks, or months away from landing on the shores of GRENADA, CARRIACOU AND PETITE MARTINIQUE as well as ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, and when they do all hell is going to break loose when the BAD AND UGLY ELEMENTS begin to disrupt the lives of those in KINGSTOWN, THE GRENADINES, CARRIACOU, PETITE MARTINIQUE and SOUTH ST GEORGE, especially those at SGU and the hotel belt.

Mike Mc Quilkin

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