Arley Gill is back in Town!!!

His absence from Grenada was felt with the keenest pleasure. Now the not-so-young communist is back spouting his usual propaganda.

In his letter about Venezuela, he mentions “Chavez of blessed memory.” Well, Gill, you won’t find too many people blessing Chavez’ memory in Venezuela nowadays. More likely they will curse it because it is Chavez who has landed them in the truly horrible mess they are in today, through his squandering of the nation’s wealth on failed projects and bailing out other countries.

Also, the amount of money stolen from Venezuela by Chavez and his supporters is many, many times the amount that the US spent on rehabilitating Europe after World War Two. Chavez’ daughter is one of the richest people in the world, with money exported from Venezuela to banks in Switzerland and the tiny country of Andorra on the Spanish/French border.

Also, Chavez destroyed most of the private businesses in Venezuela by expropriating them. The result is a failed state which once was South America’s richest nation, where people have fled by the million into neighboring countries to stay alive, and where Venezuelan women now stand up in public parks to prostitute themselves to feed their children.

Gill asks, “It’s Venezuela today. Who will it be tomorrow?” Well, the answer to that is the next nation that falls under a communist ruler. I dread to think that it could be Mexico, which has just voted in a communist just like Chavez, by the name of Obrador. Let us hope he has a bit more sense than Chavez.

Look at the lies and half-truths spread by Gill: “In Venezuela, someone who did not contest a general election declares himself President, yet the United States of America and the most powerful countries in Western Europe recognise him as such; doing so, although there is a President duly sworn in after winning a general election.”

Juan Guaido has not declared himself President. According to Venezuela’s constitution when a President is absent or not legitimate the constitution provides that the Speaker of the National Assembly becomes the INTERIM President until free and fair elections can be held.

The reason that Maduro is not considered to be the legitimate President is that in 2016 he declared himself the winner of an election not considered free and fair by a large number of nations, as well as the Venezuelan opposition.

Not only the US and most European countries have declared their support of Guaido as INTERIM president, but Gill conspicuously fails to mention that over 50 countries, approaching 60, have declared their support. The few who support Maduro are the bad eggs, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Gill claims that “the smaller Caribbean states have done much more to resolve the issue in Venezuela by peaceful means.” Really? To quote Gill, “If that is not laughable I don’t know what is.” And to quote him again, “it really isn’t funny.”

Like all the extreme leftists, Gill hides behind the principles of sovereignty and self-determination being defended at all times. I don’t think it can be at all times.

I don’t think you can talk about sovereignty and self-determination when you are dealing with a corrupt and evil regime that doesn’t care about the suffering of its people and which is heavily engaged in trafficking drugs. Two of Maduro’s nephews are now serving jail sentences in the US for flying a plane there, loaded with cocaine.

Fitzroy Louison

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