Grenada, twice no Show at OAS Vote on Venezuela

It is indeed strange that Grenada has absented itself twice from crucial voting on the floor of OAS meetings in the recent past.

First, the government indicated that the incoming Ambassador had not yet submitted her credentials to act as the country’s representative to this body. The issue on hand was the recognition of the Maduro-led government in Caracas.

Last week, the OAS met to discuss the issue of humanitarian aid to Venezuela, again Grenada blanked the meeting.

This seem to be a strange turn of events, as Grenada has benefitted from Chavez/Maduro largesse through the Petro-Caribe arrangement and soft loans from ALBA Bank. Moreover, Grenada has been a beneficiary of bilateral assistance from Venezuela since the advent of Independence.

The generous assistance in the construction of the International Airport is well documented.

We recall only too well when the cross party Foreign Minister Peter David shook the very foundations of the NDC administration. The issue was Grenada’s proposed membership of ALBA. Prime Minister Tillman Thomas at the time had his own concerns about joining that bloc and David and his allies literally held the Prime Minister hostage on this matter.

It is oft said that the fragile NNP/Project Grenada Alliance was founded on a promise that Pedro and his allies would be able to mobilise ALBA money for the administration. Prime Minister Mitchell accepted the accommodation in that he is always on the hunt for easy money especially when the standards of accountability required to access those funds are low.

Sources close to the Project Grenada splinter group indicate that Minister David enjoys a close relation with President Maduro and has benefitted by way of frequent shuttles to Caracas by private aircraft as well as state comforts which he is privileged to enjoy.

It is indeed strange that the same David seems unable, unwilling or simply afraid to vigorously defend his friend when he needs it most. A friend in need is a friend indeed. It takes situations like these to test the true character of our leaders.

The Foreign Minister should have been present in the OAS meeting to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty on the international stage similar to Dominica and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Prime Minister Mitchell announced the end of PetroCaribe here and all we can observe is the deafening silence of Minister David. The robust push back which Prime Minster Thomas had to contend with is simply not happening. Maybe the lion had a lengthy visit to the dentist.

There is no doubt that the continuing crisis in Venezuela will continue to be a source of discomfort between the players in this unholy alliance. In a recent post-cabinet briefing Minister David covered himself under the umbrella of the CARICOM position – what a safe place to be Mister Minister?

Certainly, what is good for the goose (PM Thomas) is certainly NOT good for the gander (PM Mitchell). Maybe the likely answer will be that “monkey know what tree to climb”.

David Peter

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