Fence the tree!!!

I plead for a space in your widely read paper to bring some solace especially to those who constantly enquire why I cease making contribution for the upliftment of our country by way of letters to the press.

I trust that this request will find favour and that all stakeholders will take immediate corrective/remedial steps, since in the past I have brought to the attention of the Baileys at the Funeral home, Ms Jessamay, historian among others of the need to correct the error on one of the plaques at the Tri-Centennial Park, that is Steady/Green/Steadman Green, the renown blacksmith erroneously designated as an athlete. To date that has not been done.

For this year I have had the occasion to take some returning nationals and their siblings along with other visitors to some of the tourist sites, who were all delighted, and made commendations of the extension and improvements to the park, but regretted that the error mentioned was not corrected.

It is imperative that I mentioned the delight of some who saw the nutmeg and cinnamon trees at the park, but were disgusted to note the vandalism and possible eventual destruction of the cinnamon tree, as much its bark has been removed.

I humbly suggest that the tree, as much its bark has been removed, that tree be fenced for its preservation.

Simeon Green

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