Revolutionary Love Day

On February 14th, 2019 a group of us came together to celebrate Valentine’s day. We redefined Valentine’s day as a day not just for romantic love between two people involving gifts such as flowers or chocolate or Champaigne but a day that represents a broader perspective of love, a love inclusive of self, family, community, work place, opposing political parties etc.… a love understood as a public ethic, a public health issue and a force for personal and social change.

The proponents of this kind of love include (based on the Revolutionary Love Project): Love for all those in harm’s way such as women, girls and boys; working class and poor people; LGBTQI folks; people living with different physical emotional and mental needs; those who suffer with mental health issues.

A love that vows to see one another as brothers and sisters and acknowledges our humanity as what binds us together. A love that vows to fight for a world where all of us can succeed and flourish.

A love that declares love even for our opponents and opposes all policies that threaten the rights and dignity of any person; a love that vows to fight for the right of all humans by challenging cultures and institutions that promote hate. A love challenging our opponents through an ethic of love and not violence.

A love that declares love for ourselves allowing all of us to rise up and dance with one another. A love that honours our ancestors whose bodies, breath and blood calls us to live a life of courage. A love that commits to birthing a new future even amongst so much conflict and pain.

And so on Valentine’s day we gathered in St. George’s and reclaimed this day as a Revolutionary Love day and we danced, shared stories, listened and witnessed one another’s humanity, shared food and committed to gathering in the name of love, revolutionary love.

Maureen St. Clair
Carly King
Jane Nurse

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