Opposite Real Value Supermarket in Grand Anse, there is a road that leads down to the beach. If ever you followed that road and went down to the beach, then the only place you ought to be is CUMIN-UP.

Here’s my story: I decided it was a really hot day so I ventured down to the beach to take a much needed dip. That being done, the next item was to get myself a cold beer and relax a bit before heading homewards. Looking around, I observed a few folks sitting around tables pretty close to the beach.

They all seemed so relaxed and I thought to myself the setting looked so peaceful and serene, bit of ‘far from the madding crowd’ kind of thing. So I moseyed on over to check out the happenings.

As I got closer, I picked up the sure scent of chicken, then I spied the grill and a very spritely gentleman doing his thing with a prodding fork. I grabbed a cold beer, joined those seated and looked on with interest. Within ten minutes, I counted no less than twenty-five persons who had patronised the bar and were now anxiously awaiting their portion of that delicious looking chicken.

What was even more interesting was that the majority of them were either tourists or University students. Most of them called the obvious owner by his first name. Then I heard him declare to the crowd “in a very British accent’ that there would be a ten minute period before the chicken was ready. An elderly tourist seated next to me declared’ even if it was twenty minutes it will be well worth the wait. I thought’ REALLY?.

I then ordered a second beer, waited until the crowd had thinned somewhat, then began to chat with the owner. This was how I met EUGENE, proud owner of CUMIN-UP TAKE AWAY CORNER. CHICKEN OR PORK, FRESHLY GRILLED, DRINKS ETC. NOT TO MENTION FRESH GARLIC BREAD!..

EUGENE, a Grenadian by birth, had spent years in London, hence the accent. Being a patriotic Grenadian, he decided to return home and set up shop.

Seven years into his business, he has risen above the odds, despite the obvious hardships any new venture would experience. He has stayed the course, remained focused and being a former Fitness Instructor, his strict discipline has aided him greatly in defeating the odds and challenges he faced.

He has allowed his humble and yet very sharpened skills and attitude speak for him. The gentleman’s remarks about ‘being worth the wait’ is clear evidence of that!!

EUGENE is the epitome of good business etiquette. He has the ability to mix good Grenadian hospitality with shrewd business foresight. .A very winning combination! The brisk trade he plies is not by luck and chance. It is the results of seven years of efforts, of burning the midnight oil to arrive at a MODUS OPERANDI that is unfailing, despite the endless criticism and negativity that exist around him even to this day.

But EUGENE is Grenadian to the bone. I, therefore urge our people to not only seek him out next time you head to the beach, but to encourage friends and family to do so too.

I have been there and can attest to the fact that the ambience is serene, the service is second to none and whatever is on that grill, be it chicken or pork will be ‘well worth the wait!.

So EUGENE, look out for us, cause next time we go down to the beach, we will be CUMIN-UP! TAKE A BOW!

Patricia Gairy

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