All sides of the Revo!!!

Our true history needs to be told for the HEALING to begin. We avoid future mistakes only when we dissect the past and learn from our shortcomings.

As we approach the anniversary of the March 13th Revolution, I want to ask all Grenadians to cast aside political leanings or personal feelings and take an unbiased look at what really happened…..the good, the bad and the ugly, during those four and a half years of the Revolution.

In hindsight, we can now see the political power play, the jockeying for position, with ambition and ego running rampant, as the interests of the people were placed second to the interest of self.

There is a lot of blame to go around…..but that is not my focus here this morning. I want to present the TRUTH, and unearth some disturbing facts that the Revolution kept in the dark, while at the same time attacking Sir E.M.Gairy for being an atrocious man.

Was the Grenada Revolution really about Grenada? Was it more about building a Socialist Revolution in the Caribbean, expanding the interests of Russia {or the Soviet Union as it was called} and Cuba? Was our Revolution hijacked for a shipment of arms that was on its way to Africa, resulting in the stranglehold of Cuba in the internal affairs of Grenada?

Those questions and more need to be answered in order for us to have a comprehensive picture of what happened and where we went wrong.

I call on all Grenadians this morning to reflect on the good that the Revolution brought us. Many attained higher education abroad, returning as Dentists, Pilots, Teachers and Doctors. We got an International Airport as well. At the same time thousands were wrongfully imprisoned, beaten, starved, tortured and killed for no crime whatsoever.

We also got a brand new Detainee Prison at Richmond Hill and a Concentration Camp for the Rastas in Hope Vale. That was wrong.

As I close the last few chapters of my book, I will expound on the inner workings of the Revolution. I will talk about how the NJM Revolution which I supported was short lived, not making it beyond March 13th itself, paving the way for the destruction of persons like Teddy Victor, James Herry, Kennedy Budhlall, Ralph Thompson, Anthony “Billing” Mitchell and Strachan Phillip.

In other words, the NJM died on the morning of March 13th, after the Revolution that it had just fought was consolidated and became a success. Power is a dangerous thing to crave!

As we begin the HEALING Process, I beg us all to forgive the past. We have to teach the younger generations the truth but we must come together now and unite. I am eager to meet anyone, including Mr. Bernard Coard to listen to his account of events from his perspective.

A Truth and Reconciliation Forum is needed. I will take part in such an event as I shed light on some dark days in our history. We must cease to see Bernard Coard as a Monster and Mauice Bishop as an Angel or a Saint.

As I said before, I will detail the atrocities that took place at Hope Vale – a place where Kenrick Radix, Victor Husbands and Maurice Bishop frequented. The unbelievable crimes that took place there would make your heads spin. Rastas would try to get up to walk, fall on their faces from starvation and over work.

I will detail the torture and abuse that went on there… particular on Ras Jerry and Ras “I Free” (who is the father of the Grenadian Author of “Force Ripe)”.

I end by wishing Peace and Love to you all. Let the healing begin.

Denis Charles

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