Open letter to Ruggles Ferguson!!!

Dear Mr. Ferguson,

I have noted your announcement on the News of Monday 18th February, the launching of three months of Celebration of the Fortieth Anniversary of March 13th. 1979, the day of Grenada’s Coup d’etat against a duly-elected government.

You called it a Revolution. I would really like to know the answers to a few vexing questions that I have, and ask that you use this medium to respond to me and the Grenadian People as a whole.
What exactly is it you are celebrating?

(1) Is it the armed overthrow of the elected Grenada Government? Remember you are an Officer of the Court, so be careful in your reply.

(2) Is it the murder of Lieutenant Hyacinth Brizan, Commander of Grenada’s Defense Force by the NJM army? Do you know who committed that murder, and if you do, have you made that information available to pertinent Authorities? As you know, being an Officer of the Court, there is no statute of limitations on murder.

(3) Is it the unlawful detention and torture of over THREE THOUSAND Grenadians? Again, being an Officer of the Court, does the denial of basic human rights and torture of prisoners bother you, or do you think it appropriate to “celebrate” these atrocities being an Officer of the Court?

(4) Are you celebrating the ‘disappearance” of Bernard K Noel, who once detained, vanished without a trace during the days of the Revo?

(5) Are you celebrating the murder of Dennis “Pepsi” Noel who was shot in the neck at Camp Blunt, in the heart of St. George’s and killed? To date, no enquiry has been held nor has anyone been held responsible. Being an Officer of the Court, does this bother you, or do you think this should be celebrated?

(6) Are you celebrating the murder of Strachan Phillip, an early supporter of your Coup d’etat, but who distanced himself once the nature of the Coup revealed itself? Have you as an Officer of the Court, noticed that his name never featured in the Trial of those held responsible for the Bombing at Queen’s Park, and for which he was tried, found guilty and executed within hours of that bombing?

(7) Is it the disappearance of Mr. Bedeau from your home town of Gouyave, after a run-in the same day with a big Revo Security man? Are you celebrating the fact that this body was never turned over to the Bedeau family during the revo days? As an Officer of the Court are you concerned that there was never an enquiry into this matter of the disappearance of Mr. Bedeau?

(8) As an Officer of the Court, is the murder of the Stanislaus brothers in St. Patrick or the murder of Ayub Charles and other “Muslims” at Mt. Rich during the Revo worthy of celebrating?

(9) Should we celebrate Mr. Ferguson, the murder of unknown Grenadians at Fort George, (or Rupert) along with the gruesome execution of the acknowledged self appointed Prime Minister and many of his Cabinet Ministers and Pregnant Mistress the Minister of Education on October 19, 1983? As an Officer of the Court, do you think they could have been offered due process, or was that not necessary?

(10) Are you celebrating the altering of the crime scene as the Fire Trucks were dispatched to the fort minutes after the mass killings of Maurice Bishop and others to wash down the place of all the blood? As an Officer of the Court, surely you know this is a crime. Should we celebrate those persons, Fire Men all who “washed down” Fort George after the murderous spree of well known and convicted gruesome mass murderers?

There are many more unanswered questions, Mr. Ferguson, but space does not permit.

You are a prominent Officer of the Court, you have held many prestigious positions Mr. Ferguson, do you really think your suggestion of a “Celebration” appropriate? Do you understand why some of us simple citizens have difficulty with what we see as an attempt to rewrite history in your own image and likeness?

Do you understand why, when News Rooms, Talk shows, and Editorial News Rooms are being staffed by Stooges of Government, supported by “fellow travelers” of a Monopolistic Political Ideology, that true democrats and simple honest citizen patriots, don’t buy your “bag of goods”, Officer of the Court, or otherwise?

Some of us still do believe there is a God, and so we wish you every success that your latest venture deserves. May you be as successful in this effort as your two last forays into the public domain in your efforts to amend the Grenada Constitution.


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