Marryshow says hands off Venezuela

It is hard to believe that anyone could write such rubbish and untruths as this man Marryshow.

His article in the February 8th Informer about the desperate situation in our neighbouring country Venezuela makes no mention at all of the fact that 3 million have poured over the borders into Colombia and Brazil and that babies are dying for lack of milk and hundreds of thousands of people are facing death because of lack of medication. Nor of the fact that the people have risen up in their hundreds of thousands all over Venezuela and filled the streets in protest.

How Marryshow, a medical doctor, can support such wickedness on the part of Nicolas Maduro, the cause of this suffering, makes one wonder about putting one’s health in Marryshow’s hands.

Whether Maduro was fairly elected or not (and he wasn’t) has by now nothing to do with it. He must step aside and stop ruining the country any further. But to ask for that is to fail to understand that the Maduro government is viewed in some quarters as a criminal mafia, intent on drug trafficking and money laundering.

Like Marryshow, they have no conscience. Useless also to talk about “dialogue” and “negotiated settlement” with such people.

Contrary to what Marryshow claims, Juan Guaido does have a legitimate claim to assume the role of interim president until free and fair elections can be held, because it is written in the Venezuela constitution.

How fortunate we are to be still living in a free country where we don’t have to rely on people like Marryshow for information. We have the world’s free press at our fingertips.

Marryshow claims that Guaido is Washington’s child that they “grew him up.” Were that true it would be published all over the place by now, but it isn’t. That statement is little more than dirty propaganda by a dirty propagandist.

How Marryshow can support such evil is very hard to understand. Another columnist, David Jessop, a humanitarian unlike Marryshow, wrote: “As the economist, Marla Dukharan observed in a recent impassioned commentary, for too long the developing humanitarian tragedy in Venezuela has been ignored by neighbours that have been only too happy to benefit uncritically from Caracas’ PetroCaribe programme. This should be the moment when the Caribbean prepares for what may happen next.”

Fitzroy Louison

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