Our citizens are being victimised

Mr Edvin Martin,
Acting Commissioner
Royal Grenada Police Force
Fort George.

Mr. Martin,

It seems that you have been avoiding me since in or around October, 2018. I have made many requests almost on a weekly basis to see you. Our citizens are being victimised continuously by politicians and other authoritarians as a result of what seems to be intentional inefficiency; your office fails to address the pertinent issues that fall within the jurisdiction of the RGPF. This is extremely disturbing and signals that your organisation is:

(1). Of the opinion that persons who have been elected to serve the country are above the law.

(2). Crippled by fear.

(3). In cahoots with the corrupt individuals.

(4). Not aware of its duty.

I expect service.

In addition, approximately three (3) weeks ago I was called into the office of CRD to be updated on one of the many relevant reports I have made at the said office. In a meeting with the Inspector in charge, I was informed that the officers who refused to do their jobs, whom I reported approximately six (6) months ago were finally disciplined according to the measures which have been mandated by the Grenada Police Regulations.

I hereby request to be officially informed, particularly via written report (letter), addressed to me. Surely you can appreciate such a request especially as the report wasn’t of an informal nature. In anticipation of a speedy response, I thank you.

Earl J Maitland

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