Fight like a Tiger!

Very unfortunately, some adults – young and old – are sexual predators who sexually abuse young children. Those who are involved in such unhealthy behaviour need to change their ways instantly.

Sexual molesters, you need to recognise that you are destroying the children mentally, emotionally, physically, and otherwise. Children who are sexually molested often feel cheap, dirty, and develop low self-esteem, as though they are worth nothing, feeling useless.

Whenever you are tempted to molest a child, please stop and think. Ask yourself: How would I feel if I were the child and an adult sexually molested me? Would I love it? Would I appreciate hearing that someone molested a family member or relative? Luke 6:31.

Since we do not want to be a victim of sexual molestation, it is highly unfair and wicked to sexually molest a child, making him or her suffer mental anguish, and their family members and relatives hurting much too.

Molesters, like a tiger, fight any wrong desire you may have of wanting to molest a child. Put the dirty desire out of your mind IMMEDIATELY whenever it comes. Replace the dirty thought with a clean, positive thought. Philippians 4:8. Again, fight like a tiger against the desire to sexually molest any child. Be a decent man/woman by loving children and protecting them against any form of abuse.

Kenneth Kayman

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