Water shortage in St. Paul’s

We the residents of St. Paul’s, St. George’s are faced with a “Chronic Water shortage Problem”. Over the past two years numerous appeals were made to NAWASA about the situation but to no avail.

Every week day water goes from about 5:30 a.m. and may return about 10:30 a.m. Absolutely no water on weekends.

Numerous complaints were made to the relevant authorities including Minister of Infrastructure Development and Public Utility Mr. Gregory Bowen who said “He is not aware of that problem, but is going to look into it”.

The Manager of NAWASA, Mr. Christopher Husbands was told about the problem, he said: “He was not aware of the problem, but cannot understand why there is no water on weekend because people use the water to wash their cars and yard.”.

The Customer Service department gives excuse after excuse with no solution until now. The dry season is now.

NAWASA “Committed to Meeting Customers Need”, who are the customers, aren’t we customers of this very essential service?

We the resident would like to know how some customers are getting water while others are not?

NAWASA, can you stop the excuses and remedy that big grave problem?

Jennifer Barthlomew

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