Thank you Sir Royston!!

Sir Royston Hopkin
Spice Island Resort
Morne Rouge
St. George’s

January 10th, 2019

Dear Sir Royston,

Re Spice Island Resort – Not for Sale

Permit me to offer my compliments and best wishes for 2019 to yourself, the Directors, Management and staff of the Spice Island Resort.

It was with great consternation followed by relief, Sir, that I learnt via a news item aired on Grenada Broadcasting Network that you had turned down several offers made to purchase Spice Island Resort. You advised that you intended to pass the resort on to your children with the expectation that this legacy/brand would be further developed and operated for generations. (At least this is my interpretation of what I heard from you.) Thank you Sir Royston!! May your children be inspired and blessed to continue the legacy!

You and your hotel represent an authentic Grenadian example of GLOBAL excellence – what is possible in Grenada and by Grenadians, built from scratch with vision, dedication, hard work, and, perhaps, a little luck here and there (luck here being defined as what happens when preparation meets opportunity). Grenada needs more such examples.

Though uncalled for, may I offer, Sir, my unreserved support for the continued operations of Spice Island Resort under the ownership of the Hopkin family. It is my philosophy that Grenadians have a right, with equal responsibility, to be able to thrive in this land of their birth and enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice and labour. To my mind, it would be a TRAGEDY for Grenada if your hotel passed to some foreign millionaire investor/developer.

I also noted that you made reference to the need to address the drainage situation, the state of physical planning and development in Morne Rouge and the need for caution, even restraint, to be exercised in respect of physical development on the Grand Anse beach (at least that is my interpretation of what I heard).

Thank you Sir! You have influence and the ears of “people in high places” at home and abroad. If I said so, as I have on many previous occasions, I would be dismissed as being merely anti-development, anti-investment and a public nuisance!

I note that some person/persons have branded Grand Anse Beach the Gold Coast. I do not know, Sir, whether or not, you were part of that group and whether that branding includes or excludes we the people as primary users of the Grand Anse beach. From time to time, there have been tensions, even conflicts, between hoteliers and we the people – both prime users of Grand Anse beach.

However, in balance, there has been happy co-existence, to which Camerhogne Park has contributed in no small measure.

I am therefore hoping, Sir, that you would lend your voice to ensure that Camerhogne Park, in its current location, is reserved for the use and enjoyment of we the people and for the continued happy co-existence of people and hotels on Grand Anse beach.

May the Spice Island Resort continue its winning ways in 2019!

Sandra C.A. Ferguson

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