Road safety measures!!!

My Fellow Grenadians,

Unfortunately, there have been an alarming number of accidents over a short period; some of which have been fatal. As a result of such tragedies, we are all concerned. Many factors contribute to accidents; therefore, it will be inaccurate to conclude being young is the sole cause. Accidents cannot always be avoided but there are steps we can take to minimise them.

Safety Tips to Minimising Accidents:

(1). Drive cautiously; this will make it easier to manoeuvre the vehicle when encountering unexpected obstructions in the roads eg. potholes.

(2). Allow motorists a safe environment to pass; overtaking is legal:

(i). Announce you are about to overtake by sounding your horn

(ii). Use indicators and hand signals so the driver at the rear will become aware. (Hand signals are recommended as drivers may not be aware if their bulbs are blown)

(iii). Don’t accelerate when motorists are attempting to pass.

(iv). Don’t overtake around blind corners.

(3). Be patient.

(4). Slow down drivers who are speeding and when obstacles are ahead, particularly pedestrians.

(5). Safe roads;

(i). The responsibility of safe roads lies on the Ministry of Works and the RGPF, report potholes and digs to the departments.

(ii). NAWASA needs to ensure that emphasis be placed on the immediate reconstruction of roads after repairs are complete.

(iii). Signs should be erected at least 30 ft away to alert motorists of upcoming obstructions.

(6). Consume minimal alcohol before getting behind the wheel: park somewhere safe to rest or park the vehicle in a safe area and call a friend, family member or taxi.

(7). Get sufficient rest before driving; park somewhere safe to rest or park the vehicle in a safe area and call a friend, family member or taxi.

(8). Find efficient ways to ensure driver’s licenses aren’t handed over to persons that aren’t suitably qualified. Proper preventative measures should be implemented and executed by the RGPF.

(9). Service vehicles regularly; ensure brakes, tyres and other parts are fully functional.

(10). Teach our children the importance of road safety, ensure to include how and when to cross the street.

All lives are important. Drive responsibly and think of “the family”…. be Grenadian.

Earl J Maitland
Political Leader
Grenada Empowerment Movement

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