Mosquito spraying at Silver Sands!!!

Crime in Trinidad has increased exponentially. Murder is the new sport. Another gruesome murder today, leading the relentless murder toll to climb to 509, threatening to break the 2008 record of 550 murders, leaving 2017 at 494. Thus far, January has been the bloodiest month of the year at 40 killings. Why? Oh Why?

Even though the government allocates billions of dollars towards crime, this has made no impression. Murder continues to hamper the economic prospect of the city, affecting tourism as countries have issued advisories warning their citizens about our little island.

Immigrants from Venezuela, Columbia and Cuba are flocking to Trinidad in search of better living conditions but are bringing with them drugs and weapons. As unemployment continues to climb, frustrated citizens are resorting to drugs, namely marijuana and cocaine, which alter their minds and make them less tolerant to opposition and more inclined to violence. Drug trading even offers easy, fast money. Crime spikes in times of hardship.

For every man murdered, two women are killed. Approximately 52 women were killed this year of which 43 were due to domestic violence. People are warned to stay away from Laventille and the capital city, Port-of-Spain, as they are the hot spot areas for crime.

In order to ease the murder toll, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has brought in foreign help since Trinidad also has the lowest detection rate in the Caribbean. An anger management counsel is presently being developed for women, especially those who are psychologically inclined and need counseling.

A permanent solution is needed involving root causes. It starts in kindergarten. Bullying is the first sign of a potential criminal. Teenagers from the age of 13 and onward are responsible for many of the murders. Love for your brother what you love for yourself. Maybe, just maybe, this is the answer we have been searching for.

Saudah Baksh

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