Unblock Cuba Now!

For the last 26 years (1992-2018) the United Nations General Assembly continue to vote for the USA to lift the financial and economic blockade against the Government and people of Cuba…It is time to Unblock Cuba.

Before my second birthday, the Government and people of Cuba started to feel gaunt of the financial and economic blockade imposed by the USA on the backs of our Caribbean brothers and sisters in Cuba.

It is important to know that after the Historical Leader and Commander In Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Dr Fidel Castro Ruz declared the character of the Cuban Revolution in April of 1961 to be socialist, the Government then went on to nationalise every foreign business in Cuba.

They did not only nationalise them but compensated the owners for their property which were acquired, the only country which did not accept compensation for their properties were the Government of the USA and the business owners of the Empire of the USA.

Since then the Cuban people have undergone all kinds of inhumane attacks during the last 56 years, from bombings, invasion, biological and chemical warfare and also that an economic and a financial blockage since February 1962 to this day.

During the last 56 years, Cuba has made tremendous headway in the world in various fields even though the blockade continues to be an impediment to their total development. However, they are able to share the little that they have because of their internationalist policy of solidarity.

We in Grenada who followed the anti-apartheid struggles in Southern Africa and those of us who were in the Grenada Anti-Apartheid Committee whose chairperson was Benny Langagine know only too well the contributions of our Cubans brothers and sisters in that region of the world during the 1960s, 1970s and 80s to this day.

The freedom of Nelson Mandela, the independence of Namibia, and the independence of Angola had to do with the intervention and sacrifice of the Cuban Internationalist Soldiers who defeated the South African racist twice, in 1976 and 1988 in the famous battle of Cuito Cuanavale when the South African troops were driven out of Angola for the second time in 13 years.

Following the second battle in1988, the political landscape of South-west and Southern Africa changed forever. The independence of Namibia, the freedom of Nelson Mandela and the consolidation of MPLA Government in Angola of President Dos Santos set the stage for a peaceful transition of power once and for all in Namibia, and in South Africa and consolidation of Angola’s independence which is on the 11th of November.

Today, when we look back at the Cuban Government contribution towards Southern Africa and Africa in general, we can only say it is commendable and sacrificial as no other country in world has laid down the lives and the blood of their own in the struggle for justice and freedom for the people of Southern Africa as our Caribbean Cuban brothers and sisters, a small and poor country that continues to feel the weight of a callous economic and financial blockade against the wishes of the world by the Empire of the USA. We say it is time to unblock Cuba.

At present in all of Africa, we can find Cuban Internationalist Collaborators providing medical, engineering and other services helping in the development of the poor of Mother Africa.

In addition, not only in Africa you can find them also right here in our region in all of Latin America. From Mexico in the North to Chile and Argentina in the South especially in health care, construction and sports with the message of a better world are possible through genuine cooperation and solidarity that is why we are saying to unblock Cuba.

The Cuban internationalist medical brigades were involved in a Pan-American Health program called Mas Medicos En Brazil (More Doctors for Brazil). From 2013-2018 during which time almost 20,000 Cuban medical personnel participated in bringing health care to some of the most remote parts of Brazil where extreme poverty exists. For example in far-off areas in Rio de Rio Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador de Bahia and in 34 Special Indigenous Districts in the Amazon region.

They attended to 113,359 million patients in 3600 municipalities; in addition, more than 700 municipalities had seen a doctor for the first time in their history. We in Latin America and the Caribbean should be shouting unblock Cuba.

Our Caribbean region is also a major beneficiary of the Cuban internationalist policy and solidarity with the peoples of the world.

Commencing with Jamaica and Haiti in the Northern Caribbean to Trinidad, Venezuela and Guyana in the Southern Caribbean and on the South American Continent you can find Cuban Doctors and specialists working in various areas helping to provide a better service in the development of our region.

Before Maurice and Fidel love affair during the Grenadian Revolution from 1979-83, the Cubans already had profound diplomatic relations with Michael Manley’s Jamaica and Forbes Burnham of Guyana, which resulted in hundreds of scholarships between those two sister Caribbean nations and other areas of cooperation.

Since 1971 Cuba has financed the training of more than 74,000 foreign students from 159 countries. Today, there are more than 700 Caribbean students studying on the island. Let us sing unblock Cuba now.

Brian Lindsay-Campbell

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