Ewart Layne – a despicable mass murderer

At last, someone is coming out in the open to cry grievance for the crimes committed by the likes of Ewart Layne. The nephew of Hyacinth Brizan now writes under the name of Christian Soldier to tell his story in your issue of December 14th, 2018.

Why are those responsible for Brizan’s death not being brought to justice? It appears that Layne’s call for “justice” with regard to his application to be allowed to practice law in Grenada is bringing out a can of worms. We need more people who suffered under the PRG to come out and tell their story. Why have you been silent for so long?

Anyway, you do need to know that there is no statute of limitation on murder, treason or any serious crimes like rape and many others.

So if there are still people who suffered at this man’s hands (or anyone else’s), they should be found, and investigated and where possible charges should be laid.

As long as he has not been charged with the same offense before he can still be charged and tried today, time has no bearing whatsoever on certain offences.

I guess one of the reasons for their silence is fear and also, the reason why they cannot come out with their real names. The fear instilled in us by the PRG is deep and hard to overcome.

Why are the relatives of others who were tortured or killed by the likes of Layne not coming forward?

Why are the relatives of Dr. Japal not coming forward and demanding to know what part Peter David played in the abduction of Dr. Japal who became a complete mental and physical wreck after what was done to him?

They could well be excused for remaining silent in view of the fact that increasingly we see an alliance being forged by former leading members of the revolution and our present government.

So Layne admits to being disciplined by the NJM. He claims that this disciplining had little to do with the torture of Winston Simon of Tivoli, but how do we know that Layne is telling the truth? Can he provide documentation to support his claim? Useless for him to say that the Americans took all the documents because they have been microfilmed and are on public view in Maryland, USA.

Regrettably, when the original documents were returned to Grenada, they were not preserved and now exist only as the work of wood ants. Claims that the documents were altered have not been substantiated.

As for Layne’s continuing diatribe against George Worme, it can only be seen as a red herring drawn across any investigation into Layne’s misdoing. The fact that Worme took four buckets of sand on a beach is such a minor matter that we need not pursue it, nor does it mean that Worme generates fake news. All this is to lead us off the scent of the real question, “Is Layne of good character?”

Of great interest is Layne’s admission that some of those who could be expected to seek revenge against him and his comrades did not. Would Layne kindly oblige us by saying what it is these persons would want to seek revenge for? May we also know their names?

When Layne starts to come over all religious and talking about his Maker and quoting biblical passages I really distrust him wholeheartedly. He ends up asking God to bless George Worme. Please!

Remember, Layne, you cannot get forgiveness without repenting for your sins. That we still await.

Jolly Green

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