Committee of Human Rights Grenada, UK is a sham

When I read in a relatively recent issue of New Today, an article by one Alan Scott condemning the U.S. invasion of Grenada I went to Facebook and typed in his name. There were other Alan Scotts, but I knew immediately which was the right one when I saw that among his friends were Selwyn Strachan and others of “The Grenada 17”.

So this British person Scott who is Secretary of the Committee of Human Rights Grenada, UK is evidently an extreme leftist in cahoots with Grenadian communists living in the UK. So strange that such an organisation is not based in Grenada, which is a free country, thanks to the U.S. invasion. Thanks also to the U.S., Alan Scott now has a free press to write to here, which was not the case when his friends were in power.

No wonder then that he writes to New Today condemning the U.S. invasion and claiming that the trial of Ewart Layne and others was unfair. Perhaps it was a mistake to try them under the justice system they had themselves created, although it does seem like perfect justice to do so.

A fair trial under the Grenada constitution before the revolution would in all likelihood have found them guilty anyway since they were in charge of the country and there is no one else who could have been found responsible.

However, what is at issue here is not whether the trial was fair or not but whether Layne can be considered to be of good character, so the long letter that Scott wrote is irrelevant.

What is really interesting is that when I go to Facebook now, this particular Alan Scott has disappeared. I cannot account for this, but it does look as though he has removed himself from Facebook.

It would seem possible that his friends in exile had advised him that because of the publicity being given to the case before the Privy Council of their comrade Layne, it might be wise not to reveal that Scott is a crony of our communist revolutionaries. His diatribes might not then seem as objective as they are meant to appear.

In the April 23rd, 2018 issue of a UK based communist magazine called The Militant it is reported that on March 27th, 2018 a meeting was held in London at which Bernard Coard gave a talk during which he was heavily heckled because he was seen as responsible for killing the revolution. And after he had spoken, who should take the platform but Alan Scott.

According to The Militant’s reporter, “Coard was joined on the platform by Alan Scott, Secretary of the misnamed Committee for Human Rights in Grenada. For years the committee has campaigned in support of Coard under the banner of opposing his imprisonment by the U.S.-imposed regime following Washington’s invasion. Coard’s political supporters use this 26-year imprisonment to try to garner sympathy for his political course, especially from people who know little about the revolution and its overthrow.”

Increasingly I suspect that this CHRG, UK of which Scott is said to be the Secretary is an organisation that does not exist. Its sole purpose is to claim the innocence of the 17 by declaring the US invasion illegal and the trial of the 17 unfair, and now to champion the cause of Layne at the hearing of the Privy Council.

We need to be vigilant because the revolutionary comrades are organising themselves. They host events in London, and Selwyn Strachan plays a prominent part. They meet in England and Grenada and are mustering their forces. They will be delighted if one of their numbers could be admitted to the Grenada Bar, in addition to the other two of their numbers occupying high places in the Grenada government.

Jolly Green

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