Headache – the mass murderer!!!

The one called Headache Layne is a nasty Coardite who is a mass murderer as ruled by a duly functioning court about 30 years ago.

Headache should not throw stones at anybody in this country because no amount of water can ever wash him clean of all the blood over his body so many years after the killing of Comrade Bishop and the other patriots on the fort.

As a revolutionary I did not have to wait on a court to find he and the other murderers guilty of killing the most outstanding leader of the Grenada Revolution and the nation’s finest son in the past 100 years.

Headache convicted himself when he admitted while in prison that he was the one who ordered the soldiers to go on the fort where our Commander-in-Chief was after the people defied the guns pointed at them and freed Comrade Bish from house arrest.

The mass murderers lied to the people by having their surrogates tell the nation that Comrade Bishop was well and at home at Mt. Wheldale when the Leader was under house arrest.

A comrade soldier who was trusted by those of us who were opposed to the Gangsters who were power hungry sent word out that Comrade Bish was not eating because he was afraid of being poisoned by the haters.

Mr. Editor, I fully endorse the question you asked Headache – what did Comrade Bishop do that he and the other mass murderers had to execute him?

Headache survived the October 1983 US invasion of our country and was lucky to get a trial before a judge and jury unlike Comrade Bishop and the others including Sister Jackie who was pregnant and lined up like common criminals and executed.

Headache, why didn’t you detain Comrade Bish and the other patriots and give them a similar trial that you all were lucky to get?

Layne is opening up a lot of nasty things that happened during the days of the revo which he as a commander should know something about.

Headache, please tell us who really killed the Stanislaus brothers as the people in St. Patrick know that Duck and Ayube and them did not do the shooting.

Headache, did the army of which you were a commander killed the men and then covered it up? Take up the bible and tell us what you know about these killings.

Was one of the other convicted murderers involved as the leader of the squad who killed the Stanislaus boys and then the army of which you were a big boy then covered up this gruesome killing?

Headache, give me a truthful answer. I have more questions to ask but will await your response since you seem to be in a fighting mood these days.

Finally, this country’s court system will become the laughing stock of the world if by some stroke of luck this convicted murderer is allowed to be admitted as a lawyer.

Headache wants to defend criminals now in court but he murdered Comrade Bish whom he and the other nasty RMC men condemned as a common criminal.

This mass murderer and killer with so many convictions on his sheet is such a sick maniac.

Bishop Loyalist

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