A sick and bold-faced nastiness

After praying for many days and hours, I have finally decided to write a letter as a family member of the late Hyacinth Brizan who was murdered by the PRA on the morning of March 13, 1979 during the armed illegal overthrow of Prime Minister Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

Our family has never gotten justice for the murder of our loved ones by the PRA and it is hurting to read what this clown and murderer Ewart Layne is now writing in a local paper when he and the others shut down all independent newspapers in our country during 1979 to 1983.

This Layne fellah is a sick and bold-faced nastiness who is being allowed to take advantage of the very democracy that he took away from many Grenadians when the PRA ruled Grenada with an iron-fist.

Mr. Layne, our family has never received any form of justice for the acts that you and the other henchmen committed on March 13, 1979. Do you understand that? Do not mistake our silence as acceptance and support for you in the society.

If you and the other Apostles did not pick up guns to take power in this country our cousin would not have been killed on March 13, 1979. An innocent man who was an employee of Sir Eric’s government was shot and killed in cold blood by the Apostles. Where is the justice for us?

Mr. Layne, how can we ever forget that a murder took place in which one of our most loved family members was killed like a common criminal by the guns of the PRA of which you were a leading Commander?

I wonder if Mr. Layne understand that our cousin was the breadwinner for his family and you all deprived them of bread and milk on the table for years. Do you know how they survived all these years?

I have always heard lawyers saying time and time that there is no statue of limitations for crimes like murder.

Why is Mr. Nelson, the DPP not getting the police to investigate the murder of cousin Hyacinth to see which of the apostles killed him on the morning of March 13, 1979? Why no Coroner’s Inquiry into the killing? Mr. Layne as a Commander should be able to say something to the Coroner on this murder. Don’t you think so Mr. Layne?

No lying Mr. Layne, just tell us the truth. If you don’t know then you don’t know but if you know then don’t keep it away from us. Please Mr. Layne, I beg you.

Mr. Layne, if you know anything about the murder of our loved ones especially who shot and killed him, it is still not too late to give us the information.

Mr. Layne, you have already convicted yourself as a man who committed treason in your own book in which you told not only we in Grenada but the rest of the world that you were one of the apostles who took part in the armed and illegal overthrow of Sir Eric’s government.

This man has openly admitted that he was among those soldiers who took up arms and helped to overthrow an elected government in which people were shot and killed. Isn’t that also treason Mr. Layne?

Don’t you also believe that someone should also be tried for the murder of the policeman at the radio station on the morning of March 13, 1979?

Remember, Mr. Pysadee was lawfully on duty when he was shot and killed at the radio station by the Apostles and you have told us that you are one of the apostles. I am not saying that you personally did the killing as I was not there as a witness to the murder.

What crime did Mr. Pysadee commit that the PRA shot and killed him in cold blood as a common criminal? The policeman had a family too and many of them had to grieve for him.

As far as I am concerned, this convicted criminal called Joseph Ewart Layne and several others should be put on trial again for the crime of Treason for overthrowing an elected government.

Mr. Layne, please don’t ever forget that you did not actually pull the trigger to kill Bishop and the others on the fort but you were convicted of committing mass murders in our country on October 19, 1983. The upholder is always worst than the thief.

Mr. Layne, your so-called glorious revolution failed and you should be made to pay for the consequences of your actions by putting you on trial again for treason but a lot of the guys who were released from “The Hill” are now opportunistically supporting the government.

Even Chester Humphrey should be put on trial for Treason for illegally shipping arms and ammunition into the island to help overthrow Sir Eric who is the Father of our Independence.
Chester Humphrey missed it when the Americans arrested him and tried to deport him back to the U.S to face trial after he ran away while on bail and came back to Grenada.

The same Chester is now promoted for helping NNP in the election by appointing him to the third most important position in the country that is President of the Senate.

Uncle Tilly surrounded himself with some of the 1979-83 henchmen and looked what happened to him. Dr. Keith is doing the same and he should also take note because God don’t like ugly.

Finally, Mr. Layne, please shut up and go down on your knees every day and give thanks and praise to the likes of Nicholas Brathwaite, Francis Alexis, Joan Purcell, Tillman Thomas and Phinsley St. Louis and the others in the NDC government for letting you off the hook because the gallows were already prepared to hang you all after the convictions for mass murder.

Uncle Hyacinth, Mr. Pysadee and many others who perished at the hands of the PRA during 1979 to 1983 I am so angry with Mr. Layne for opening up old wounds in this country because he has already caused so many pain and suffering to thousands of Grenadians by the crimes committed against people in the country.

Christian Solider

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