Stop Discriminating Against Them!

Many, like me, have observed the way persons react to a certain religious group that is well known for going around house to house and preaching the Bible.

Often, some persons would quarrel, even use indecent language, when they see members of this religious group walking along the street or coming toward their homes.

In other countries too, people oppose this religious group, speaking strongly against them, slamming their doors in the faces of these visitors. (Matthew 24:9; Acts 28:22). In some countries, this religious group is even banned. (Acts 4:17 to 20).

I am kindly asking those persons who discriminate against this religious group to try to become more tolerant. True, a person has the right to agree or disagree with the beliefs of another religion. But even if we disagree, there is no need to be aggressive and verbally abusive against any religion.

If one does not wish to have a conversation with members of this religious group, he or she can respectfully decline without being rude to them.

I commend persons who are tolerant and do not discriminate against this religious group or any other group.

Let us all be willing to allow this religious group to carry on peacefully with its beliefs and practices. Freedom of religion is part of our Constitution. Avoid discriminating against any religion.

Kenneth Kayman

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