MNIB investigation – a deceitful sham

Dear Mrs. Trotman -Joseph,

I sincerely doubt the sincerity or the genuine ethics behind the MNIB Investigation that is led by you along with the Grenada Integrity Commission. This is just smoke to hide reality thus a deceitful sham.

Many of us with families and relatives back in Grenada – all they talk about & what we see is simply smoke to cover up this, as what has happened to many other scandals of the past under PM Mitchell.

The repeat cycle of corruption continues & continues, as well as growing in size and damages caused to the good name of Grenada.

Your husband is Acting AG – the very inner circle of PM Mitchell. You are as well getting assigned perks like selling Grenada Passports in the CBI Program. You can’t slap the hand that feeds you so well?

There is huge conflict of interest in your involvement and this is wrong of you to play along in this ongoing game of smoke and cover-ups and hiding dirty, very dirty laundry of this PM Mitchell led NNP Government.

We will have much more to say & new info to release in our Grenada Corruption Watch Blog. The MNIB Fiasco is just one of many frauds committed on different fronts. It is an ongoing pattern of Corruption.

Please enjoy your “Lady” status or was that MNIB investigation just deception and lies by you?

Linda Duncan

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