Mixed signals from the police!!!

I heard recently on national TV of the Police’s intention to curb the loud horns on vehicles, especially the mini buses.

While I find this commendable if they are breaking a law, I think that there are some other areas that should engage the attention of the said Police.

I would like to see the Police pay consistent attention to the loud music on some of the same buses, the parking of vehicles on sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to risk their lives with oncoming traffic.

One area in particular comes to mind is that area between Ross Point and Lexus Inn on the Belmont Road.

Then there is the loud music in the ghetto area of the market place, disturbing all and sundry; and, also, a few loiterers who harass people, especially females, having stationed themselves on afternoons on Halifax street next to Foodland.

Then the Police themselves need to buck up because, after weeks of observations, I realise that there are those who would penalise offending drivers, and there are those who would just stand and watch things happen.

Oscar Prichard

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