Has Cornwall confessed?

Further to my letter in your November 9th edition, “Bogo do better than that!” I have been reading the statement by Winston Simon recorded by Christopher Williams, member of the Advisory Council, in which Simon describes being tortured by Ewart Layne and others, and I noticed that among the names Simon listed was that of Cornwall.

I quote,” Later on Redhead, Cornwall and Randy Bobb came back, picked me up and brought me near a drum of old oil. They lifted me up and put my head down in the old oil …………….Then Redhead heaved me on a pile of sand nearby.

Randy Bobb held my hands and Cornwall my feet and attempted to pull me apart.” This was after Simon had endured the most vicious beating with a gun butt and a piece of wood and the slicing of his penis and testicles with a razor blade by Ewart Layne and was bleeding profusely.

So, I wonder how Leon Cornwall can so shamelessly stand up in the cemetery on October 25th and preach about togetherness? Has he confessed to torturing his fellow Grenadians and has he begged for forgiveness of his sins?

Jolly Green

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