Focus on FLOW!!!

Dear Editor,

First I would like to thank you for publishing my letter then I would like to thank you again for giving the “little man” a voice. They say that help sometimes comes from places where you least expect it.

I have got the feeling that you are willing to be the mediator. If that is so I will be happy if you can relay my feeling about the issue. I am attaching a letter that was written to the manager some time ago but the facts remain the same.

I would only like to add they should return the monies that they took illegally from me plus they should pay for my travel from Victoria to St. George for about five days and yet the problem remains.

And lastly, I feel it is only fair that they refund the people who frequently come to their office to sort things out when they are the ones making the mistakes.

Once again thank you for intervening.

Robert Modeste

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